224 Boss Uses and Abuses Brian -

Approx Run Time: 31 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 22


2 cameras, 2 angles capture all the action that is #224.  Brian is a cool guy, and loves to please and can take some abuse.

My 6th Sense: Some times I can tell by the way a guy looks at me and in 6 seconds flat know exactly what I can do to him; that is Brian.  Occasionally I would see him at one of the gyms I belong, he stared pretty hard which made me uncomfortable, annoyed me in fact.  I am there to workout, however, one day my mood was right I struck up a conversation with him, I asked the right questions, made the right moves and bingo I was right.

I Made it Happen: Brian got gagged, chocked, had his face shoved in my sweaty sneakers, my feet down his throat, my sweaty gym underwear shoved in his face, used and abused.  All that captured on film and he loved it, loved it so much he didn’t even want his face covered.  Then he had is dick slapped around, and his balls squeezed until his eyes bulged (watch his face) and he began to sweat.  He swallowed a thick post gym load and I sent him home.

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Comments: 2

My first movie rental I am so glad I chose this one BOSS! I think this is the hottest and realest movie I have ever watched from beginning to the end on an adult film site! Whole time I was WISHING that was me in the vid serving and pleasing you, you not only have an AMAZING BODY, but it’s your voice and hands that excites me the most glad! I made my first purchase this one and hope to see more vids like this in the future too EXCELLENT JOB, BOSS this wasn’t “porn” to me this was pure ALPHA MALE BLESSING and usage (of a “sucker”) at its finest and that’s all because of you BOSS! Thank you for creating this as always Muck Respect, DTLZ85
Love this! This is very reminiscent of 78/99. A willing cock sucker worshipping the hell out of that amazing muscular body! Many cock suckers have come and gone but that body barely changed! Would love to see more of this type of movies for sure!