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Meet LA Jack, West Hollywood Jock & His Selfie Fuck Films

Posted on 03/20/19


Jack, a 26 year old jock from Los Angeles once a top, is now a champion bottom. He has been submitting selfie fuck videos for our You Produce and VIP ONLY categories, he is looking for hot guys in the LA Area. (Read On)

His First Movie is Released! #178 and #179 will be LA Jack Films.  #178 Breeding LA Jack, Fuck Buddy #1 where a buddy of his from the gym breeds his ass; his very first raw release.

Taking Direction From The Boss:  As The Muscle Mafia continues to expand its “Social Network” fans and followers get more involved because they not only are inspired by our movies but respect the code of silence and our philosphy of #sportsex. Jack is another one of those guys.  I am working with him on his filming, if he takes my direction and sticks with it he has tremendous potential to build an impressive resume of hot videos, especialy for the VIP ONLY category; it’s a learning process.

First Lesson: The first lesson learned was it’s not as easy as it looks, and isn’t always sexy.  Jack got creative with the masks, is learning proper camera angles, lighting, organizing buddies to fuck him, getting my approval on those buddies, making sure they show up (some flakey) and then dealing with my review and critique of his selfie sex videos.

Second Lesson: Sexual responsibility; No Pigs!  Jack was definitive about telling me health for his is very important, he wanted to make that clear and so did I. While I want hot films, I don’t and wont give a pig a platform to promote stupid behavior.  He and I are on the same page with that.  Jack is healthy, tested and on prep, in fact according to him, he is tested once a month.

Breeding Jack: Since Jack loves muscle loads in his ass, and multiple loads at times, the discussion of him being responsible was one of the first things.  Knowing that you all and we all can enjoy the hell out of watching him line up buddies he knows to fuck and breed him . He loves to please quality hot jocks, and wants to offer his body up to take as many healthy loads as he can and film it. Making sure he is ultra clean and 100% free of and STDS and HIV is very important to him; I like that and in fact prefer that. I don’t know much about prep but I think it’s a good thing.  In my opinion, prep aside, nothing is safer and more preventative than being smart and having some self respect.  I leave the pigs for other sites which was another reason Jack decided to be part of us here.

Jack Breeds: Yes he prefers to bottom but he has also proven he can top.  Jack has got a great ass and knows how to use it, but his 7.5 uncut dick doesn't go to waste either. He can fuck as hard as he gets fucked, which doubles the possibilities for him to build an impressive video bank.

Mind Fucking Jack, 3000 miles Away: So Jack and I have been speaking, texting and emailing / working from New York to LA for months I am in his head. He has reached out to buddies who have fucked him in the past or who wanted to fuck him; married, bi-sexual, straight, and very masculine muscle mafia worthy gay men.  After I approve these guys, these fuck sessions are exclusively filmed for us. Some audition videos of him getting royally railed by some pretty hot hung LA area jocks and muscle studs.  Jack is a champion bottom and knows how to please a top.  So, after a couple of fuck ups on film, and my critiques and guidance Jack has now begun to submit film that will be added to our movie catalog.  His filming is improving and our west coast connection is growing. (See Jacks Profile and Movie Resume)

Hot LA Tops Wanted:  So that brings me to the next order of business.  Anyone from the LA area or who will be in the LA who might want to get with Jack and make a film in Muscle Mafia style, no face total discretion, email me: carlo@musclematt.con include photos and a note.  There is criteria, with my approval, again health is paramount, all fitness types and body styles, hung college jocks, lean ripped guys to larger muscle guys and fitness guys. He won't turn away a hot bottom either, but according to him good muscle tops are hard to find in LA. 

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mbmort44 03/27/19
Boss, I just watched this and LA Jack made me so hard. His voice is sexy as hell and the confidence he has when talking about what he wants is a massive turn on! I hope he brings a whole plane full of his buddies to the Mafia!!!
xracer 03/21/19
He looks good Boss! Can't wait to see what you do with him and his progression! You are always unique and careful in what you do. Also, really liked your comments on safe/responsible sex!