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Eventful Summer: This summer we released the brand new mobile immediately after that back to back new releases #184 BroJob ,&... Read About It

Gym Time, Game On: Every night around 7pm I walk into the gym, choose a locker, lock up my gym bag and hit the weight room.  Somewhere ... Read About It

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Gym Time, Game On: Every night around 7pm I walk into the gym, choose a locker, lock up my gym bag and hit the weight room.  Somewhere ... Read About It

Eventful Summer: This summer we released the brand new mobile immediately after that back to back new releases #184 BroJob ,&... Read About It

Lines are Blurred: Straight buds Sucking Each Other Off. What used to be so underground and shocking to some ain’t so shocking anymore... Read About It

This is Ryan, I am building his crew profile as I organize all his movies.  I just wanted active members to know, he is cumin! Check ou... Read About It

Save!Always check this page for random offers, discounts and flash savings. Discount: 20% Off Movies...Special Offer: 20% off movies!Expira... Read About It

Since November 2018 we have been working on the revamp of the site.  This is a result of your emails with constructive suggestions, you... Read About It

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New Movie Category for VIP Members Only: Private, Classified and secret video, clips, and movies

Read About It...

The in's and Out's of the VIP Program with a heart felt, personal video message from me; The Boss.

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Start at Classic or go right to the top as a VIP! No matter what level, there is something for everyone.

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The Muscle Mafia launches its live cam network and "TEMPTED!" at

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The Tree, The photo shoot, a 20 pound turkey, a full stocked bar, champagne, body shots, Fucking and someone gave child birth.

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#101 is released with Boss and Anthony, creating a bit of a stir in a pretty good way!

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We bought The Muscle Mafia Christmas Tree Today!! He is a real beauty and Anthony is in charge of dressing this monster up!!

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Matt Introduces you to our Newest Crew Member, Spencer!

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BOSS CAM LIVE, LIVE Crew Cams, the launch and the Intended Direction..

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We need your Help! Inside look at the Crew Condo and hangout, making this place a great place to work and play! Shoots, films, LIVE!

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Boss answers the question: What movie would you produce if you had an endless budget?... Read About It

More fan questions answered:  What are our most favorite and most memorable films so far.... Read About It

Boss, Matt, and Brad all go on air for a live podcast for a viewers honest feedback after the live performance filming of #163 Brad Rides Ma... Read About It

Matt and I answer a fan question:  How much time does The Muscle Mafia take up of your life?  Great question and I have a great an... Read About It

Matt & I answer questions sent in by viewers: What movies, if any, would we do over if we had the chance? What’s most difficult pa... Read About It

Jimmy and I sit down talk about his girlfriend, his secret sexual side, why he was arrested, and I include a very short clip of how I got in... Read About It

Ron needed a slight attitude Adjustment! The Boss has to set some people straight once in a while. This is behind the scenes before #157 Ron... Read About It

Setting up, prepping for filming of #156.  See and hear what the cameras captured before we started filming.... Read About It

Footage of Boss and Brandon after his Christmas Party and before the private party of our own became what is now #155 (VIP ONLY).... Read About It

Part 4 of 4: And probably the most interesting.  Brandon talks about exploring sexuality joining The Muscle Mafia Crew and his discussi... Read About It

Part 3 of 4: Brandon admits his curiosity of what it means to be The Boss’s Boy and how he can achieve the best of both worlds.  ... Read About It

Part 2 or 4: Brandon and I talk about how he was seduced, why he sent in selfie shots and video and why he gets off on it. (nude photos and ... Read About It

Part 1 of a 4 part interview: Brandon tells us in his own words, how we met, where we met,  why he was intrigued and why he felt like h... Read About It

During the filming of #153 Fucked Speechless, Harris needed a break from being pounded by Brad, hence the name "Harris's Pain" See those cli... Read About It

VIP Members get a sneak peak at potential new crew, Alex, member of our Airforce and now The Muscle Mafia.  His pre-shoot interveiw wit... Read About It

Never a dull moment here!  Great film #116 Wake Up Call, Brad's Late Night Creepy Blow Job!  Matt and I sit with you and watch som... Read About It

What our vanity and ego doesn't inspire, prepping and getting ready for a shoot or live cam does.  A fan of the site asked how we stay ... Read About It

I have been talking with a potential new crew member named Alex.  Currently I am feeling him out and he is going through my vetting pro... Read About It

Sometimes a member pushes me too far!  I can't stand a weasel, or when a man acts like a cunt!  Matt and I read, on air, an email ... Read About It

Matt and me sit down to recorde a couple V-Blog entries.  This is the one where I answer a frequently asked question of "Where is Kyle?... Read About It

Anthony and I had a live cam this night.  I picked him up at the train station we went for dinner and drinks. This ties into other VBlo... Read About It

A late night ride to the supermarket to fill the demands of Matt, Brad and Anthony of what they want me to keep in the house for them! A rai... Read About It

Anthony and I talk about what he likes and doesn't like about live camming.  We also discuss possible show dates for his and my live ev... Read About It

This is the very first public V-Blog, it was posted first on our twitter, its a ride with me talking to you about what The V-Blog is and how... Read About It

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