Matt Classics

Matt Classics are legends! These are the movies that first introduced you to our discreet underground. Matt was our first Crew Member and his films were the beginning of The Muscle Matt DVD Collection that has now become "The Movies" in The Theaters at These began the demand for our unique niche and trade-marked film style for erotically mysterious, real, raw and unscripted solo & muscle worship movies. #1 was officially released in late 2001, demand for more inspired the release of other movies to follow. Because Matt's face always remained a mystery, our films were officially recognized as changing the rules and beginning a new trend in amateur straight cocky muscle jocks flaunting their trophy bodies and cocks for admirers. These early films are the standard by which all of our new high quality movies are made and are the format by which other 'wanna-be' sites attempted and failed to duplicate. Today Matt Classics remain favorites among those who have bought our first film and every film since. Even with all the incredible current releases, and movie buyers that have just found us today, these still make it on the list of Most watched which is a testament to Matt, his body, his 8 inch dick, and his huge cum shots!