#207 Finger Stretch and Fuck, Boss and Ryan -

Approx Run Time: 16 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 20


The Connection: One of my favorite guys of all time is Ryan, for a number of reasons.  Not to diminish anyone else, others rank high too.  Matt of course, Brad for sure, Brandon, Anthony, but of recent Ryan and I really connect on a sexual level.  A connection and bond happens for different reasons with different guys.  It’s almost like a magnet that finds that certain thing, that connection and we are just drawn.  After that, my mind fuck instincts, seduction, happens naturally.  

In His Head, In His Body:  Easy system, I tap that erotic part of his brain, then seal it and close the deal with tapping his prostate.  

You know how I do things, you know my style of mind fuck (read the blog post) each guys is different and handled differently.  In this film, which  was first a live ticket event, I got in Ryan’s head before the cameras started.  You will see that by the pre-cum in my underwear when we start.  I then take it upon myself to open him up and stretch him open, tease his prostate first with my fingers, then almost my fist.  Then he is ready for my dick.

The rest, as you know, is done true Boss style.  Watch the the load I fuck out of Ryan.

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Comments: 3

Great video guys! Awesome pick Boss, Ryan is hot!
DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! We've all known rhe Boss is a phenomenal mansex presence, but it's fuckin beyond doubt. Carlo is the sexiest fuckin man in America. 1. Whatever he's been doing at the gym during Covid, his killer pecs are now so unbelievably deep you'll cum just looking, and his guns are def bigger. 2. His write-up as usual tells the exact truth, but WOOF! Ryan is hot, hung, and these two men are SO triggered by each other from minute one: they're so hard the cocks don't even quiver, and in much less than 10 minutes, the Boss is lubing his fingers and cock. To hear him whispering while he fingers and then gratifies his big cock inside Ryan, you'll think the Boss is too much for Ryan to handle. But suddenly Ryab's white arms climb up to embrace his man, and you realize he's in heaven. Both men are too damn turned on to hold vack for long--as videos go, this white hot storm breaks relatively quickly. But FUCK, bros! This is what mansport is at it's fiercest! DON'T MISS THIS SCORCHING ENCOUNTER.
Had to come check out the new video once I found out it came out and of course it did not disappoint. Ryan is so lucky to have connected with Carlo in such a personal and sexual way and I precame just from hearing Carlo call him his boy! As a bottom, I can tell you sometimes so good old fashioned fingering action feels better than immediately getting pounded so it was great to see Carlo treat his boy in such a great way before giving him that great muscle dick! Ryan is one lucky guy and should be so greatful haha Can't wait to see what's in store for this year!