Also know as "Big Brad"!...Just under 7' tall with Dark hair and bright blue eyes. His size 14+ feet hold up 260 pounds of solid muscle while he packs 9x7 cut inches finished off with a thundering voice. These attributes would certainly qualify him as a giant, but when this giant met me, Carlo, I created a monster.

Brad, an out-of-work construction worker at the time, joined the crew in 2009 after a fan turned him onto the sites. He knew nothing of muscle worship but was intrigued and after meeting with me (Carlo)
he learned all about our underground and unique niche; he was fasinated.

Brad was eager to make money and put his trust in me. After his first movie release he quickly gained a fan base and began making more money then he ever had or ever will for having to do nothing but take direction from me and look good. He was taken by the benefits of The Muscle Mafia

This young stud who never knew this sort of thing existed went from a giant to a monster and I have nobody else to blame but myself. Brad is a soldier, an attack dog; a power house who can dish it and can
take it yet he becomes docile,ready and willing to be taught when he is around me, "The Boss".

As you will see by watching each of his movies he just doesn't give a fuck and when I give him a job to do, he does it, he's my hit man; the one whocould carry out the most difficult jobs. He has said many times on and off camera, he would do anything to please "The Boss" and that's because I have followed through with every promise I ever made to him and then some. He has never trusted anyone to the extent he trusts me,but I earned that and he has earned his place in The Muscle Mafia.

Words From The Boss:

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