AKA: The one and only, "Muscle Matt" and "Big Shooter" and Carlo's trusted underboss! Matt, the poster kid for the boy next door, a blinding super white smile and piercing green eyes are just a bonus to an immaculate body and a personality mixed with extreme masculinity and boyish charm. This high school / college jock was a stud in the making before we put it all on film. He was asked to 7 Junior and Senior Proms; girls melt and guys could only dream; some about being like him and others about worshipping him. I saw this early on and boldly told him he was born to be filmed and photographed; that's when I began to work my magic.

Matt was the first of my buddies to have the guts to go on film, without him there possibly could not have been a Muscle Mafia; he is a leader and a trail blazer here. Matt is beyond dedicated to anything and everything he takes on. His body was first filmed in late 2001 and ever since has never disappointed me or his fans when he steps in front of the Camera. Sometimes I wonder myself if this boy is human or a modern miracle of science, the genetically engineered perfect male specimen from which all admire and all are inspired to be like; he is truly "Blessed" The journey he and others since him have taken while allowing me to mentor them here is a book and a Hollywood movie script all to itself; and it will be (hint).

Simply put, Matt is one of my all-stars on film and no doubt my right hand man in this organization he has set the tone here, and has raised the bar for many as and The Muscle Mafia approach our 10th year in November 2012. Fans still can't get enough of his body, 8 inch dick, and massive cum shots that combine to create "living art". The best is that when Matt is met with the lights and the camera and an adoring cock sucker he transforms into the stud you see here. However, in real life he is truly unaware of the power he possesses and the presence he has in a crowd of people. Matt's alter ego is a fire that calmly and quietly burns, one that I have methodically thrown gasoline on to create the raging wild fire so intense in his movies. Proof, that still waters run deep and it's the quiet ones that surprise you the most.

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