Anthony, Italian, 6’0” tall, 25 years old, Size 11 feet, 210 pounds of pure muscle, dark hair and green eyes outlined by long black eye lashes. Personality, intelligence and presence wrapped up in a sense of humor; a lethal combination of qualities that are all the makings of another featured guy in The Muscle Mafia.

Depending on the time of day he can look like a page from a current issue of Details, GQ and Men’s Fitness Magazines. A young professional, in a perfectly tailored suit wearing a classic men’s time piece. He can run the rat race with New York’s most influential businessmen and women and stand out as passionate about his work and a self assured winner. At the end of the business day he sheds the Armani threads, and trades the briefcase for a gym bag and the conference room for the weight room. This is when he tackles his other passion, his body one that is worthy of worship and admiration and worthy of the pages of

Like the rest of the crew who I have personally hand picked, Anthony has a dark side and an alter ego that needs to be satisfied; he too is “Blessed” and found us as the only game in town that he can relate to and good enough for him to let loose, show off and fully explore; all things he wants me to inspire, develop and refine.

Much like myself, Anthony is admittedly an over-achiever and a man not afraid to do what he has to do to reach his ultimate end game. The words average, “normal” and mediocrity are not in his vocabulary; his quest for nothing short of the very best is how he rolls. again, all attributes I can related to, and I did in the first 10 seconds of our first conversation. He and I hit it off instantly, 2 Italians from the streets of New York, with paralleled energy and chemistry that should make some very interesting films.

See his intro video and read the Blog Post, "Anthony Makes His Bones" for some back story on his first shoot and my first impression / meeting with me!

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