Another rare find, among the rare breed that make up the crew of The Muscle Mafia. Brandon, 29, 6’2” tall, 210 pounds of muscle, 32 inch waist, size 13 feet. I (Carlo / Boss) discovered him no more that 5 feet away from me on the gym floor of a local gym. Working biceps in a cut up t-shirt (see his photos) sweaty, ripped and vascular, we said “What’s up” like we usually did if passing each other in the gym. The difference between this day and others is fate made it so we were both undressing post workout in the locker room and were the only 2 in there; we spoke and the rest is history. The full story of how I discovered Brandon, and how I brought him here will be a podcast episode the first season set to launch early 2018.

Brandon is a low key smooth mannered dude, confident with a healthy arrogance at times, aggressive at times, but like any Mafia Crew member here, he has the goods to back it up. Dark hair, dark eyes, a confident commanding presence, and a “cool” swagger that most might see him as unapproachable, but I personally saw him as “crew material”, a featured crew member at that.

What’s most interesting about Brandon is that after he was finally let in on what we are all about, any hesitation he had was quickly dismissed by his own girlfriend (Ashley) who, beautiful in her own right (great looking couple), is turned on by the attention Brandon will get here and turned on even more by knowing her boyfriend, a true alpha-male is a “stud” in every sense of the word with the ability to choose anyone he wants: male or female. When it comes to a female his loyalty is with her, when it comes to his alter ego, his exhibitionism and exploration, his loyalty is to us having the best of both worlds. This will add an interesting twist, with many possibilities for him to show off and be rewarded for what he was “blessed” with and like any of the virile crew members here; have it all.

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