Carlo "Boss"

Carlo is pure bread Italian and can't be mistaken for anything else. He is educated, street smart and street wise and like this photo of him dripping in sweat, Carlo drips of sex appeal, masculinity and power and knows how to use it What's unique about "The Boss" is he can see the power in other men and teach them how to find it,develop it and use it. It was that special talent that began The Muscle Mafia, and it is what keeps it growing. Carlo is the photographer, videographer, the idea guy; the magician that makes all the magic happen here. If you want or need something, go to "The Boss", he will make magic happen. Carlo is a leader among leaders.

Carlo is the ultimate alpha-male. As one fan said who met Carlo "I can't believe God Blessed one man with so much". "He is a man to be worshipped and admired for all that is obvious and for all that you discover when you get to know him. Carlo changed "The Face" of adult films by not showing any "face". Because of that he showed that the mystery of not knowing is far more erotic than knowing, he calls it "The Mind Fuck." If you ask him, he will say: "It was simple, an authentic straight guy would never show his face." It seems almost too obvious and it makes you feel every other movie out there is just selling you bullshit.

Straight muscle jocks getting off on worship is not new Carlo just found a way to promote it, inspire it and celebrate it yet still maintain discretion. Through his real, raw, and unscripted film style he has the patent on his own brand of movie making and muscle worship; because he doesn't reveal "face" he is able to reveal another side of male sexuality and made it not only masculine but fashionable for cocky straight muscle jocks to be admired and rewarded for their hard work.

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