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Interesting couple of months here, but things are now back to normal! All new releases were put on hold as I negotiated an offer from a large investment group to merge with an Artificial Intelligence company.   I have been approach many times over the years with all kinds of offers, (...Read More)


This one was fun!  I think I have said it a million times over the years, I am fascinated by human male sexuality and even more fascinated by the inner workings of the male brain that control sexual urges, fetishes, turn-ons, etc.Jay is a great bottom and cock sucker and an over all good guy, Ron, (...Read More)
Interesting couple of months here, but things are now back to normal! All new releases were put on hold as I negotiated an offer from a large investment group to merge with an Artificial Intelligence company.   I have been approach many times over the years with all kinds of offers, (...Read More)
Sex to New Heights: Apologies for a lengthy post, but it’s an interesting subjest that can be and should be discussed at length.  I have been asked about this for years and do my best to explain it here, if you take the time to read this it will enhance your experiences both while watching our fi (...Read More)
Hard Hats vs. Hard Ons Posted on 09/21/21
Tackling The Impossible: Let’s throw back to February of 2020.  In preparation for our next goals at I decided we needed a bigger, better more productive office space and for sure a more private and secure one.  We committed to new office space and began renovations, we got as far (...Read More)
Like with everyone else covid shut downs disrupted everything and I mean everything.  With everyone locked in, and locked down at home our filming and our live show events (both group shows and private 1-1) ramped up, big time we had a captive audience.  We were non-stop, several times a week, som (...Read More)
What happens when you meet someone that gives you a strong vibe?  For most it’s a missed opportunity. For others like me, it's permission. I can smell it like a shark smells blood in the water.  I follow the scent and all I need is one drop, one small hint and if Im interested it’s game on.Who (...Read More)
Some time between 5:03 am and 7:00 am east coast time on March 15, 2021 went down.  Techs were immediately on it and found that the primary hard drive had failed.  We immediately began the fix; swaping out drives and restoring the site from the back-up. The good thing is we have 20 (...Read More)
We’ve been doing these live events for years, solo shows, groups, tag teams, mutual muscle worship, bromances using and abusing cock suckers; even 1-on-1 discussions with me, The Boss asking advice or just a private conversation.  Some shows were so interesting I began releasing selective ones to (...Read More)
The Game's Social Media Play Posted on 12/22/20
Twitter suspended The Muscle Mafia account @themusclemafia because they said our header image (The crew in muscle mafia t-shirts and a mans hands on my pecs) was, and I quote, “Too sexually arousing”.  Really? After what I have seen on Twitter, that’s laughable!  Ok easy enough to fix, chang (...Read More)
December 15, 2020 released our new player systems.  We will no longer be using Adobe Flash Player to deliver / stream our movies.  As of January 2021 Adobe will no longer be supporting Flash Player and will be blocking flash content.  This change won’t affect us since muscleamatt (...Read More)
Members here are all kinds of different and all kinds of interesting!  One a psycho therapist wrote me that he was a long time fan and found my personality fascinating, both from the entrepreneurial aspect and a sexual aspect; he was “studying me”.  He asked how I really identified myself, and (...Read More)
Life As We Knew it, Has Changed:  The events of 2020, Covid in particular has affected us all and the aftermath will continue to affect us for a very long time, that includes The Muscle Mafia.  It has changed life as we know it; our relationships, our businesses, our way of doing business and how (...Read More)
Our History: Your first intro to Jake is #198, Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka from the vault shot a couple years ago at his New York City apartment; like other films, this was archived for no reason in particular.  After this was filmed, I filmed Jake with some of the other crew.  We both (...Read More)
Here is a little background on “Vic”, how he got here and how he maneuvered his way into The Muscle Mafia and how I out maneuvered him.  I would see this kid around, he would workout but not intensely or religiously, average lean body, some ink.  Wears board shorts, a hat backwards, Vans sneak (...Read More)
It is always great to hear from members, the compliments on the site, films and questions about special deals.  It is fun negotiating and having interaction which makes this a unique community as well as exclusive.What I found especially touching was your emails asking how Matt and I are, and how t (...Read More)
The Vibe: We meet people in the strangest places under the strangest circumstances; which was the case with Evan.  But what really attracts people to other people, either as friends, business associates or even friends with benefits?  One word, “vibe” or a persons energy.  It wouldn’t be th (...Read More)
Gym Time, Game On: Every night around 7pm I walk into the gym, choose a locker, lock up my gym bag and hit the weight room.  Somewhere before, during or after that I would pass this guy, mid 20’s nice build, good looking but quiet, pretty much fit the description of most there.  However, this pa (...Read More)
Eventful Summer: This summer we released the brand new mobile immediately after that back to back new releases #184 BroJob ,  #185, LA Jack Fucked by another Gym Buddy (You Produce) and #186 Ben Milks His Prostate and on August 14, we released #187, Ron Used and ReUsed, it’s anothe (...Read More)
Lines are Blurred: Straight buds Sucking Each Other Off. What used to be so underground and shocking to some ain’t so shocking anymore.  I can say this from first hand experience and my unique position as “The Boss” dealing with a worldwide scope of male sexuality. I make it my business to kn (...Read More)
Ryan Films, Meet Him! Posted on 05/23/19
This is Ryan, I am building his crew profile as I organize all his movies.  I just wanted active members to know, he is cumin! Check out his photos!A dude I met (how I met him I will get into in another private post) we became friends, good guy, of course since I don’t bother with anyone who isn (...Read More)
Save Me Boss!! Posted on 05/23/19
Save!  Personal and Private Offers from Carlo!
Can you believe this is the world we now live in?  We here are doing well, but taking precautions.  We are all hunkering down during this Coronavirus outbreak.  It's time to release some stress and offer something special to our members.  I am off (...Read More)