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Live Event Tickets, It's a Party

Posted on 03/07/21

We’ve been doing these live events for years, solo shows, groups, tag teams, mutual muscle worship, bromances using and abusing cock suckers; even 1-on-1 discussions with me, The Boss asking advice or just a private conversation.  Some shows were so interesting I began releasing selective ones to the movie catalog. As technology has improved so too have the shows. No matter what the content its always a good time.  Members (you the audience) have been a fly on the wall for more than a decade; some haven’t missed a show and have been at every show since we started; that’s loyalty.  [Add Yourself to the Live List]

What Goes On?  Much like our films, we have a rough idea of what might happen but nothing is scripted. Every show opens with open topic conversations, then we let it happen. Sometimes good chemistry, a good mood or an extra shot in a really good Boss martini before a show starts inspires some unexpected outcomes.

The latest Trend..True Stories:  People love the stories, since technology has gotten near perfect, the feedback on the opening talk segment has gotten lots of interest.  The Muscle Mafia has been around since 2001, so there are definitely stories to tell.  Events behind the scenes and off camera are just as interesting, if not more interesting than you see on camera. So, some shows have been just a sit down with me or who ever else I invite.  

1 Price the Whole Show: We used to do price per minute like everyone else does, I was never a fan of that.  I always felt rushed, if we were going long or got caught on an interesting subject it might appear as if we were “milking minutes” to run up a tab, that’s not my style.  So now we just sell tickets, 1 price,1 ticket gets you a seat, fix yourself a drink, enjoy whether it’s for 20 minutes or an hour. It actually works out less expensive for you and it’s a casual relaxed setup that takes pressure off us.

$$ Ticket prices vary depending on who is on camera, how many and what the content is.  So always ask but if you are on the list we will always give details in the initial email.  Some shows are very limited in seating other are more open that also will change the price per ticket.  I have found that most prefer the very limited shows and don’t mind spending more to get a desired spot.

How It’s Done:  A show date and time is determined, instructions are sent on how to pay for a ticket.  On the the day of the show you get an email from me with a private link and a password specific to that event. You must be a member of the site.  As members join at showtime, I confirm your ticket and you join us live.  

What If? If we cancel a show (has never happened) you get a rain date or a refund, if you purchase a ticket and you miss that show for what ever reason, there is no refund.  No different than buying any other ticket for a dated event.  We want you to show up.

Encores:  Live shows are private shows, some end up as part of the movie catalog most don’t, I would say maybe 30% end as an encore.  If and when they do, most will be VIP ONLY.  I never know until the show is over and even then I may not release one for a while.  Sometimes a particular show might pop into my memory and I think it might make a good release.  But in general, I leave live events private so that if a guys wants to push some limits or the mood strikes, he can feel comfortable doing that.

Discretion:  In a word ALWAYS.  You determine what name you use as a spectator, most use their member name from here on the site.  You are never seen or heard unless it is a specific meeting where open communication is expected or requested.  So, buy, join and watch with peace of mind.  

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GTsilver 03/08/21
So glad to see you expanding on these and they are successful. I been to 1 or 2 and it's worth the price of admission. The action is "woof" hot but I like the chat the guys get involved in. I have had a private with Carlo all we did was chat, I paid for his time (I should) and he gave me some advice about a buddy of mine and my gym crush, I am engaged to be married so it was weighing on me, his advice worked out pretty good. Big C was spot on. Im on the list and will be in future broadcasts.
insanelas 03/07/21
I have been there for two shows with limited seating and I cannot tell you how satisfied I was. Absolutely love the way it is done, the talk before the show starts, etc. Seeing boss in action through live turns me on big time. Like Boss said a lot of live events do get released, so you are lucky if you were there! The shows are definitely worth the price!
xracer 03/07/21
I have seen the shows, they are a good time. I too love the talk before and sometimes after the show. Good conversations, Boss is actually a pretty funny guy. Matt is a sweet heart, Brad has a great personality, Anthony and Boss chemistry is great and those 2 goofing on each other and laughing is pretty funny. Super group of guys, hot and fun to be with. Always love tuning in!