#196 Skater Kid Seduced, Matt and Vic -

Approx Run Time: 15 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Finding The Courage: Vic a 25 year old Skater kid we know with a fantasy to service anyone of us.  Although he  needed to work up the courage to actually come on cam, especially since he knew he wouldn’t get a nut out of any of us if he didn’t.  He somehow found the courage, and found that he liked it and wanted more; funny how that happens.

The Typical Conflict: Vic is a good guy but was conflicted by what he thinks he wants and what he really wants.  Follow me for a minute here, Vic thinks he only likes girls, but claims if he was ever going to be with a “dude” he would only receive a blow job and could only be a top; until he met us.  Then little by little, over time a different point of view emerged. Vic came to a few realizations and when he did he either became comfortable or simply couldn’t fight the urge that what he really wanted to do was submit and service his fantasy “dude”, true, masculine alpha muscle.  Since meeting Vic he wanted to service me, I wasn’t so into it, I wanted to see what he was about first.  But after seeing their photographs, Vic decided he would service any of the upper echelon of The Muscle Mafia. But he know the rule, the only way he would get that lucky would be if it were on film / live cam.

Seduced and Unstoppable: This was a live show, and like anything else live there are sometimes technical difficulties, what you will see is the raw, real footage of that special live event.  Seems the camera rolled and Vic and Matt were on each other like 2 sucker fish.  Even with some technical problems and me playing interference to fix it, Vic couldn’t and wouldn’t stop.  The out come was Vic getting a mouthful of Matt cum and swallowing the entire load.  The act of swallowing Matt’s load, made Vic shoot far!  Turns out Vic can take a pretty good cum shot down his throat.  

Boss is 50-50, but I Come Around: I (Carlo) personally wasn’t so into Vic at first, I like more of an assured cock sucker, and that young punky skater kid thing with the big hole earrings and the tats aren’t really my thing.  You know the type the 20 somethings that call everyone “dude” and say “word” to anything they agree with or use the phrase “My Bad”.  Matt however was willing to give him a shot; literally. Knowing what I knew of Vic before he went on camera and watching how he couldn’t help himself and in fact didn’t stop himself from giving it his best he scored points with me.  All that plus the ease at which he swallowed a load like Matt’s convinced me I needed to commandeer his mouth and his mind and push his limits Boss Style.

Get my take and the back story on Vic in this blog post: Vic, Skater Kid: Still Waters Run Deep.  It's always the quiet ones you gotta watch.

April 15, 2020 this blog post was updated, Boss went in for the kill in #197 with Vic a VIP ONLY film.

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Comments: 8

Boss, this was a smokin' hot video! You could tell Vic wanted to touch and tease Matt's beautiful ass. Hope we get to see that one day. Great job Gents!
HOLY SHIT! I didn't think I would see Matt tongue kiss any one other than Brad. This was some hot stuff.
Wish I could trade places with Vic. Have wondered frequently want it would be like to worship Matt's fantastic body, kissing him deep and hard, having his rock hard cock hitting the back of my throat before he shots one of his famous Matt loads down it and having Matt, even if only for a few seconds, take my dick in his mouth.
Hot!! "I probably came a lot", "yeah you did"
Nicely done.
#196 is spectacular. Passion.. affection, sex as it can be with a very hot attraction between men, and Matt at his hottest. I like the hair on his pecs and his body is particularly attractive..a body for ages. Best part, even with the technical difficulties, I liked them playing with each other while they waited for resolution. The sex was as it should be, i.e. mutual, erotic and authentic. (Note to Matt, acting or not you appear to have found the right one and ideal sexual partner. They are the best... hang on to him for future rolls in the hay.) Excellent film and as you can see stimulates the imagination.
Matt, nice job, big dick bud! Im a vip and just watched the vip 197 with boss and vic, very hot Boss mind fucked him any chance we see you 2 studs tag vic?
Really nice one, Carlo! The kissing and words back & forth were great inspiration--very real & emotion packed. Love the closer in shots, but the wider angles are great as well. More please!