#204 Holy Fuck! Matt and Carlo Breed Skater Kid Eric -

Approx Run Time: 42 Minutes

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“Oh My God” (Eric’s Words) On the night of Holy Saturday Matt and I sold tickets to a live event tag team and breeding of Eric, a latino skater kid.  Eric has done a bunch of these live events with us, either as a team or separately, this one however, is now a movie appropriately called “Holy Fuck” both for the night it happened and the way it happened. Eric was used and abused, slapped, smothered, choked pounded and loaded up with both Matt and my loads.

Read The Blog Post of how I met Eric: Skater Eric, The Hunter became the The Hunted, Another Boss Discovery

The Warm-up: As with all live events we open with a conversation, this night we spoke about Eric’s car troubles and how I was playing bar tender making drinks, while Matt got a shitty job before we went on air; you’ll hear about it.  Then its game on, show time as I shift gears and go on the attack.

We Share: First Eric sucks Matt off while I grab a special prop. I prep’d Eric’s ass with a metal prostate tool before throwing his legs in the air and slamming him balls deep.  I pull out and turned him over to Matt so he could shove his 8 inch raging boner in Eric.  This is how the rest of the night went.  Matt and I both taking turns in various positions going deep in Eric as he moaned, sometimes screamed but loved every minute of it.  

A Second Look: 2 cameras captured the action that night, first the view of ticket buyers as they watched live and the other a ceiling cam, aerial view of certain scenes edited into this movie as an encore.  Now those ticket buyers watching for the second time and those of you buying the movie for the first time as an encore can so the event from a different perspective.

Info: Information about live events and buying tickets email me, carlo@musclematt.com, you can read more about live events in a recent blog post here.

Note: About 1, sometimes 2 of every 10 or so live events will make it into the movie catalog of those most are VIP ONLY, others available to all as rental or live time buys.

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Comments: 6

Another great rental love the vids 👍👍👍
Eric took you two like a champ!
This is amazing! When Carlo and Matt are together they always put on a great show! I wasn’t there for this one so I’m just so glad that it is released here as a movie! Thank you Boss! I look forward to seeing more of you and Matt together!
Lucky Eric getting the pleasure of 2 alpha muscle studs using him, his ass ....breeding him. I'd take Matt / Carlo breeding me like that anytime
Can't wait to watch the domination. Doesn't appear to be any rimming of muscular holes, though. Let's work on that '-) Also, Boss, if you're into pretty feet, work that into a future vid. Love you guys!
holy fuck fuck it right boss, woof I was in on one of your live events with just you and Matt, missed this one and sorry I did. Thank you for releasing it to the site. You are a beast of all beasts, Matt is pure godlike beauty, your dicks are power tools and the 2 of you tagging this loud moaning bottom was fantastic. Please mail me for next live show, can I buy season tickets hehe! I'm laughing but serious. WOW