#206 Big Brad Rails Ron (with Boss Bonus Footage) -

Approx Run Time: 55 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 43


What can I write that you don’t already know when Big Brad and I get together.  Whether its a mutual situation or me commanding him to tear up some willing cock sucker.  Also, what can I write about Ron that you don’t already know.  A good cock sucker, a power bottom and someone that has been able to remain under my “HES” Hypno Erotic Seduction for years. (see #205 for that explanation).

Now released to the catalog, is this special live event, held only for ticket holders.  3 cameras grab different angles of this scene.  Watch me feed Ron Brad’s amazing big dick, watch me film from my perspective and listen to me Mind Fuck Ron once more to do what I tell him.  Listen to me call out commands to Brad and watch him carry them out like only he can.

Boss Bonus Footage: Unplanned and totally unexpected was my getting in the action.  When Brad was done using Ron, I was so turned on by this scene that I took Ron’s head and pushed it down on my boner to blast a load down his throat.

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Comments: 6

looks so sexy
WOOF. Brad gets a huge nod: he's always been a hot powerful hunk, but his body type--unlike Carlo or Matt or Anthony--is the type that doesn't easily achieve that definition we think of as "muscleman." But, by God, here he is now, (maybe working through Covid along with the Boss, and he's achieved it! Now, not only the fat 9-incher and proud manbuns, but chest, delts, bis....this fucker is a goddam defined muscleman. As always, he knows what turns him on, and watching him alternate hot pleasure fore and aft with no shame at all is hot. Ron as hungry and slurpy as wecall would be: by minute 10, he's deep-throating the whole damn thing, with lips bouncing down on Brad's ballsac again and again. .....and, yes. The Boss coming in near the end to shoot a load down that throat open hungry throat! Covid's hell, but the gym results on the Muscle Mafia are HOT HOT compensation. These hung musclemen are INCREDIBLE!
Xracer, you're right that Brad gets rock solid and turned on by Boss's directions and commands. But I would have to disagree that he struggles with Ron. In other films with Ron, he's hard as a rock and you can tell he loves dominating and destroying the asses of submissive cocksuckers. He loves making them eat his ass and stroke their cocks as he's pounding their tight holes. As they're lubing up, he's stroking himself in anticipation of destroying their ass. He brings that same energy to this film. I'd encourage you to watch more of his journey. He's the real deal, not g4p. I even suspect he fucks cocksuckers off film as well. He has an incredible versatility whenever he's with Matt and Boss or with a sub cocksucker. Anyways, this was a hot film.
So happy MuscleMatt is back in action! This one was amazing Brad and Ron are a hot pair to film together and watch!! Of course, gotta love the little bit with the Boss at the end too!
Brad is amazing! What a big powerful dick and correct me if I am wrong wonder if anyone else noticed, he can't get hard unless 1: Boss talks to him or touches him and 2: His ass is being licked Brad is interesting sexually. Loved the bonus footage, I am with musclecumlover on this one the Boss was so turned on by the scene he himself created he had to get off, but also claim the mouth and throat he owns by blasting a boss cum shot down Ron's throat just because he could! Still after 20 years the best films on the Internet.
Honored to be a first to comment! Ron is so lucky to be a cocksucker and so envious of him haha. So hot to know you got so turned on you had to jump in Boss! Love these scenes coming out with the bonus content!