#212 Sunburned and Milked, Boss & Brad -

Approx Run Time: 24 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 32


Sunny Days of Summer: During a day at the beach, Brad gets a sunburn and that night Brad gets milked by me (Carlo).   A load onto a pair of his underwear bought and paid for by a very loyal generous musclematt.com member.

“Name your price he said”, I want Boss to drain Brad’s balls onto a pair of his own worn sweaty underwear.  An hour in the gym and a couple hours in the hot sun was the trick.  A little too much sun for Brad as you will see.

Matt Did the Filming: Matt, Brad and myself hang out daytime doing normal guy things, then nightime doing Muscle Mafia things.   I know Brad’s body better than he knows his own, so when we agreed to the request and the generous offer I knew I could use my technique and drain Brad’s balls into his sweaty pair of underwear.

 I know just how to manipulate Brad’s dick, and I did.  A very relaxed, get together of the 3 of us, Matt working the camera, Brad and I doing our thing.  This inspired many after.   

 Check It out, nothing is more authentic than me working my boy Brad up and milking him out.  What are gym buds for?  Right?

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Comments: 6

Great video as always guys. looks like one key to brad is reaching under and rubbing that button for a total release! A proven great technique Boss, you are the best! Matt and Brandon next please : )
Love it when Boss sucks dick. So damn hot!
You know how to milk a dick boss, that's because you know how you want yours milked. Brad is def BIG!
It’s basic and it’s hot. I love seeing a dominant executive type guy kissing and sucking cock. It’s a super hot form of control.
Very hot watching Boss working Brad's big dick and balls. Loved watching them kiss for a few seconds and Boss sucking Brad's dick. The close-ups of Brad's dick are great.
Always amazing to see these 2 together. Boss knows how to use his hands to milk a buddy out. He knows how because Boss loves to get edged and milked out, his dick is a miracle so he knows what he likes and knows how to do it to others. VERY hot to watch, woof Brad has 1 big dick and his loads look so healthy.