#68, Brad Tears Pete up, Tice Joins! -

Approx Run Time: 44 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 31


Brad is a BEAST!...So says Tice who was there to witness it! Brad was given another mission and that was to pound Pete.  He was programed, locked and loaded with his eye on the target and only one goal, and that was to fuck!  Brad delivers another monster fuck scene and tears Pete up in #68.  Brad is joined by Tice a college jock and Muscle Mafia fan that came to New York on a job interview.  He took the business suit off and put on the guest mask to assist his Alpha-male idol in using and abusing Pete and watch with amazement as Brad re-enforces his reputation as an animal or in Tice’s words a “Beast”

Both Tice and Brad took out their aggressions on Pete’s throat and ass and then “Blessed” him with a massive muscle cum facial and feeding.Pete was split in 2 by Brad’s 9x7 monster cock and described being taken by Brad like being fucked by a horse.  After he got over the initial shock and pain, you will see that Pete loved every minute of it allowing both guys to use him from both ends in another tag-team done Muscle Mafia style.

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Comments: 6

The alternate title for this scenario should be "the Champ" mainly because the star attraction is not only the Adonis Brad who fucks like a hung thoroughbred stallion but also ~ and perhaps more impressively ~ Pete who services the two studs ~ newcomer Tice also joins ~ and takes Brad's near 10inch thick horsemeat without skipping a beat. Brad's relentless fuck of Pete's willing jock pussy is matched thrust for thrust with Pete's cries of "give it tome"...."more"...."fuck me harder!" The Boss knows that we in the Muscle Mafia community respond well to his keen eye and artistic sense and here he does not fail to deliver. As in other scenarios he gives us glimpses of Brad's and Tice's amazing physical attributes ~ bulging biceps, huge pecs, muscled legs and glutes ~ and directs his two proteges to be more verbal with the hungry pussyboy. One incredible shot which the Boss holds for a great long interval occurs when the fuck is at its most intense. Pete is on his back in the corner of the sofa...Brad's 10inches isbanging his well-opened snatch and Tice is shoving his throbbing hog down Pete's gagging throat while in the same position as Brad and with the same "fuck rhythm" !!!! Only an alpha male like the Boss with his artistic genius and attention to detail could direct and capture the chemistry of these two muscled straight bros taking control of this jock and turningbhim into the bitch he was put on this earth to be! No doubt this will become a "most watched" feature and with good reason! Wow!
Brad is a monster so awesome. I fucking love give though. So ripped and nice cock. Would love to taste that body.
Always a pleasure seeing Brad be so fucking hot. The addition of Tice makes it hotter. Love living vicariously through these sexy subs
Love the addition of Tice here. He was born to be dominant. That slap on Pete's head was my favorite part. Pete loved it as did I! All of Pete's movies are awesome.
Brad knows how to Fuck! That boy uses that big dick like the sledge hammer it is. Tice, nice cock too, fat hard, perfect body.