#225 3way: Matt, Boss and Brad -

Approx Run Time: 15 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Off The Hook: Nothing with Matt, Brad and myself needs much explaining.  However, the chemistry between each of us alone 1-1 is pretty intense.  Get all 3 of us together and its amazing.  So amazing that I love to watch the bromance between Brad and Matt, a friendship that has lasted a long time.  I have my theories why, but you all can take a look at this film and analyze if for yourselves.  At some point I will be very open and very honest about what I think.

WOW! I never know how these things are going to go, my stye is to just feel people’s chemistry.  I initiate a meeting, instigate some ideas, and just let it play itself out.  #225 is primarily a Matt and Brad fuck scene with me working the camera as usual. Matt goes balls deep in Brad. If you have seen the dozens of others with Matt and Brad, you can see there is nothing scripted, mechanical or put on about their connection; it’s genuine.  So genuine, so real, so intense, Brad can twice back to back as Matt’s dick slid in and out of his ass.  WOW!

But again, the chemistry between all 3 of us, is a very unique thing and we all know that.  Brad saw I was turned on and invited me to put my dick in his mouth.  Like the buddy he is, he made sure I got off too.  After filming, he said to me "I love making you cum".

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Comments: 3

This is another excellent movie. I love when they kiss. The tenderness makes me cry. Seeing the intensity of big Brad get fucked is super hot. I wish I was there to lap up and swallow the semen when they climaxed. I would not have wasted a single drop.
The sexual energy is off the hook in this video. Big muscles, huge cocks, massive loads.. what else can you ask for? Brad is looking hotter and more muscular than ever and you can see how much he craved Matt's hard cock in his mouth and his big muscular ass. I don't want to give it all away! The natural bonding and authenticity in this video along with all the other videos the Muscle Mafia produces keeps me coming back for more.
wow is right boss. So glad to see a new release. I love the anticipation of when we will see more. You are not mass production or some Only Fans character. Always good quality. This is fantastic, true bonding and true sexual energy, all I was thinking, aside from how hot it was, was this is some real shit.