#203 Brad Fucked Sideways (Matt and Brad) -

Approx Run Time: 20 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 9


Kissing, licking, sucking, fucking, both my boys get their nuts emptied!

Matt, Brad and me, (Carlo) no matter how you mix it up, it’s good chemistry that always creates a raging hard-on.  How many ways can Matt fuck Brad?  Lots, then when you do them all you start all over again.

For those that have seen Matt and Brad’s films you know how it goes, they start out making out, tongue kissing, then sucking dick, eventually Matt preps Brad’s ass with his tongue before going balls deep and Brad’s eyes roll back in his head.  

This one is no different, but no matter how many times you watch that scene unfold, it is as hot as watching it for the first time.

This time however, after some ass play and foreplay, Brad just turns on his side and wants to get fucked sideways. Matt’s dick massaging his prostate makes him come no matter at what angel.  It’s doesn’t take long for Brad to empty his nuts all over the bed and watch the tension leave his body as the intense pleasure enters.

Very hot scene, as always, they never disappoint.

See all their scenes through their profiles and movie resumes.  Matt and Brad

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Comments: 7

Another fucking hot scene between Matt and Brad. Watching Matt take a good part of Brad's cock into his mouth and throat was incredible. And seeing Matt's tongue getting Brad's hole ready to be fucked was amazing. Would love to see these two muscle studs do a little mutual muscle worship session sometime.
One more for the books with these studs!!! Brad spreads his big legs and gets the jizz banged out of him by his hung bro Matt. Carlo/Boss camera work shows how these buds are into each other + gives us a front row seat to the bond these guys have. HOT to hear the verbal between these guys. Matt begging Brad for precum as he sucks on his buddy's 10in cock. Brad moaning when he gets his jock cunt licked deep by Matt. The SPORT SEX showing with these guys gets HOTTER every time.
Hey, jj700 you are welcome, and Happy Valentines Day! Maxdog, Bulls, and Xracer, thank you! Yes hot film! Appreciate the comments, the guys read these.
Thanks for getting Matt and Brad together again for us--- another incredible adventure with these amazing men I could watch all day. Bravo to your excellent camera skills and bonding ability w/these guys. Perfect addition in time for V-Day!
Well worth the wait. I love how Matt cums and then re-inserts so he can seed Brad. The kissing is beyond super hot.
Wow fuckin amazing!! Best Brad and Matt video yet (and that is saying a lot!!) Glad I am VIP so I can rewatch this gem
Never disappointed, great to see you working camera Boss! Great ass btw. looking hot as fuck in the jeans. Brad and Matt really have chemistry. Also glad to see more going in VIP. Happy VIP member here.