#127.5 Live Fuck: Boss and Anthony -

Approx Run Time: 24 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 2


Right on the heels of 127 “Remind Me” where Boss fucks Anthony, it happens again and its 127.5.  A Sunday live group event that went on promptly at 11pm for Boss and Anthony fans.  

We opened up the live free pre-show chat around 10:45 as viewers filled the room, an open discussion with both me (Boss) and Anthony talking about everything and anything while viewers settled and got ready for show time.

Anthony and I toasted with a drink and with one click switched from free chat to the paid performance and that is when everyone got what they came for, including Anthony; I took whites mine, Anthony’s ass!

We warmed up with a little mouth to mouth kissing and me putting my tongue down his throat  then followed that with my Boss Boner.  

When my dick was as hard as it could get, I greased it up and with one forceful thrust of my hips went balls deep just like Anthony likes it.  Listen to him moan, watch him squirm and watch what the live audience saw that night me pounding him out like so many times before and so many more to come.  It got rough and hardcore and that’s when Anthony busted his nut all over himself.  I busted mine where I have since the day I claimed Anthony in the best seller #101 Anthony’s baptism, yup you guessed it, directly in his ass.

Check my movie resume (Carlo) and Anthony’s movie resume for any you missed and all that are about to be released.

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Comments: 4

Carlo you're my fuckin hero
Just perfection.
yeah Boss fuck your boys ass, he likes it can't get enough. Emailed ya while back, 33 jacked up muscle jock, bi with a 8.5 cut dick I want to pound out Anthony with you, use him as a cum dump with you. Gotta wear a mask though. Good flick big guy, you can fuck, I don't usually bottom but I think I would let you breed me. Hot as fuck big guy!
Woof, Can Anthony take a pounding and Boss you can sure give one! Hot film as always!