#104 Anthony Slams Jared! -

Approx Run Time: 30 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 13


First Live Blessed Event..This film was the first to be video taped while being broadcast LIVE on the Internet via “Boss Cam Live”.   Financed by a long time Boss Cam fan it was a test of some of the features we are currently building for our own LIVE CAM Network that is only weeks away. It was this event and the idea of others like it that inspired me to begin building a cam network that could support all of you watching live; the shoot went off perfectly, #104 was shot at The Crew Condo, long before some furniture arrived; but who needed it,Anthony made himself home on the floor where he had more room to use, abuse and throw Jared around the room. Like his debut film with us #89, Locker Room Blow Job (Pete Gets a Nose Bleed) Anthony shows he can not only take it rough and hard, like he did from me in #101 Anthony's Baptism but he can certainly give it!

Alpha-Ballistic..Anthony fucks for the first time in this film and fucks hard in fact he goes Alpha-Ballistic on Jared and did me proud!  One of the most memorable lines, and there are several, is when Anthony looks down at Jared and says, “Now go home and tell your momma why your Levis are soaked!”

Jared Gets Wet..Anthony kicks back in the jacuzzi and calls jared over to worship his size 12 feet.  That seemed to work Anthony up, when he said. “You want my cock!!” and he  pulled Jared (fully clothed) into the jacuzzi. Before Jared even knew what happened Anthony was face fucking him going balls deep down Jared’s throat. Jared’s jeans and everything else he wore that night did get soaked when Anthony decided he was ready for some service and didn’t want to wait for Jared to get undressed.  Anthony took total charge of this night with little to no direction from me other than me saying, “Go get him buddy.”  

Use and Abuse Hard Core...The cock sucking moved to the bed area where Anthony had Jared in a list of positions all strategically design to have his boner far down Jared’s throat.  Verbal and very aggressive, Anthony puts a rubber on his throbbing boner and tells Jared to get on all fours! Anthony Lubed up, and takes the balls deep approach he had on Jared’s throat into Jared’s ass!  

Thank You Boss...Jared got slammed by 218 pounds of  thrusting Anthony!! . The scene ends where Anthony takes the rubber off, goes raw for a bit than crawls his way up to face fuck Jared one last time before he delivers a very thick muscle load right down his throat. Jared as he always does and most do after, thanked me for making it happen. So did out cam watcher and so did Anthony who certainly took out some aggression on Jared.  Everyone was happy!

See more Anthony by going to his photo album and movie resume or by scrolling down to see related movies.  

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Comments: 6

A week after watching the movie and I'm still in total AWE of Anthony. He ignited every submissive nerve in my body. He is the complete package of perfect muscle, cock, and dominant attitude. I found myself wishing it was my receiving his verbal dominance and cock. Anthony Sir, you are a submissive's dream come to life!!
Whew! just watched my idol alpha god, Anthony , WOW, gave me multiple orgasms....so jealous of Jared, I wanted to be sucking Anthony.. his urging and orders, a big turn on...right now no one else gets me trembling like this................
This scene is a continuation of the "star status" that is being built around Anthony. His place as one of the top members of the Crew is solidified with each appearance. He looks AWESOME and he proves his "Alpha" credentials BIG TIME! Whether he is getting fucked by Carlo as the Boss's Boy or putting submissive Jared through his paces, this HUNK gives his trademark 110%. #104 is great for lots of reasons but it is the MAJOR FUCK that Anthony gives Jared that makes this so HOT! Carlo and Anthony's growing intense bond is also seen by their banter at the beginning and by the way the Boss's amazing artistic eye with the camera lovingly captures Anthony's muscle-sculpted physique. It makes you want to catch any and ALL Boss/Anthony films or cams to witness their hot chemistry. #104 shows Anthony at his smoking hot self - with a thick COCK and round bubble ass that won't fucking quit - and the Boss's pride and affection for his boy.
Looks yummy!
Wow! Anthony looks hot as hell and can fuck like an animal in the wild. Very hot film! this is what sets these guys so far apart from any other site, the stuff is just real and its damn good!