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Boss type 8sx, A Personality/Sexuality Profile

Posted on 10/02/20

Members here are all kinds of different and all kinds of interesting!  One a psycho therapist wrote me that he was a long time fan and found my personality fascinating, both from the entrepreneurial aspect and a sexual aspect; he was “studying me”.  He asked how I really identified myself, and after several emails and some questions and answers he concluded based on what he has read, watched and my email answers that I am a very sexual being that holds no “real” sexual preference.  My desire to have a conquest outranks my actual “preference”.  Meaning, I go for what I want at the time I want it.  When he said that, I found him creditable because he was correct.  

Conquest he explains is not without calculation and thought, I don’t just have a need for any conquest but one that I see as benefiting me and the other person.  My approach he said is not without compassion, there is a difference.  Some people with the need to conquest border narcism, even sociopathic, that is NOT me he said. Those people are predators, I on the other hand am more alluring rather than predatory.   I am not turned on by someone who is not turned on by me and would loose my erection immediately if I felt the need to force myself or if I felt my counterpart or counterparts were not just as willing to participate.  

My innate ability to feel a person out and know what they want even without them knowing what they want is my greatest asset and probably the reason for my or “The Muscle Mafia’s” over whelming success.  That is the 1 thing, no other site, site owner or “muscle jock” out there posses; it’s unique to me or at least rare.  He says it’s like those that have a rare gift, the ability to contact the dead and speak to spirits, some people are born with certain senses or certain gifts, they either embrace and develop those gifts or they don’t. Some fake it, but the fakes are eventually exposed.  It is that gift an unconscious confidence that makes me alluring.  

Interesting assessment!

Then he sent me a link to take a test, which at first I just ignored, for 2 reasons actually, one I felt that might be over analyzing me which made me uncomfortable and the other it was 14 pages of questions.  But on a night during this covid lock down I figured, why not? so I took the test.  It went into some deep personality traits and questions that to be honest I really had to think about and sometimes change my answer a couple of time.  

The result: I am an achiever, a helper and a challenger.  While all relate to my over-all personality, it does spill over into sexuality, “challenger” for instance was specific to my innate sexual personality.  It’s an 8sx I was told. So while this got into deeper personality traits, this blog post is specific to sex and sexuality which is after all what this site is about, so it’s appropriate here.  

Here is what I am told and my comments:

1: Eights are self-confident, strong, and assertive. Protective, resourceful, straight-talking, and decisive, but can also be ego-centric and domineering.

    My Comment: I would agree, dominating sexually yes, I naturally tend to always be a leader in every area of my life.  However, I know when to lead and when to follow, so domineering is not a bad thing as long as you don’t degrade others, that is not confidence it is the exact opposite.  One can be diplomatically domineering where the other person doesn’t even know they are being dominated. Everybody at some point, if they are going to enjoy being with another person likes to give up even a little bit of control.  To me sex is like a sport, sometimes you dominate the field other times you pass the ball to an opponent to see what they can offer.

2: Your confidence and charisma let you charm your way into the hearts of those you love. You enjoy a challenge and the sense of achievement when you bed a conquest. Sexual Eights enjoy being in control in life, but can sometimes let this slip in the bedroom.

    My Comment:  Agreed with all of the above, again like being domineering, I don’t consciously set out to “charm: anyone, I am just who I am naturally, if that charms someone, so be it.  I am not sure “slip” is the right word but “strategic” might be a better fit.  If you have an attraction to someone doing something more mutual makes the experience far more erotic because it’s a rare thing.  Giving up a little control to a strategic partner could be fun.  It is also very exciting for that partner if they know you well enough and know that what you are doing to or with them for you is very rare.  That means they are getting something very few ever get, which makes the interaction and experience that much more of a turn on for both.  I relate this to my videos with Anthony, Brandon and Brad, most recently the VIP ONLY #199 Boss and Brandon Mutual Seduction, No Regrets.  Although I will admit, with each of those guys and others you will see in future releases, each I had a different connection with and pushed different limits.  These are obvious as you watch the movies.

3: This outspoken, rebellious Eight likes to be seen as bad – or at least they don't mind it – and they tend not to feel any guilt over the rebellious things they do. It's almost a matter of pride for Sexual Eights to go against the stream of convention or to disrespect rules and laws.

 My Comment:  Umm Well yeah, it’s called and The Muscle Mafia, could it be any more obvious.

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Nicononew 10/26/20
looks like someone found my dear old friend know 8s are usually 8s because of intense parents and childhoods, which I'm extremely curious as to how yours shaped you to being who you are today.
GTsilver 10/03/20
I found this very interesting. Your confidence sexually is apparent in your films, even in your photos Boss, you know exactly how to seduce even the camera. I do agree that is something that someone is born with but needs to develop. I didn't quite get though when he said your desire to a conquest trumps your preference. If I may ask, do you have a preference. Man or woman? I hope I am not being too forward, I thought since you posted this you might be open to more discussion about it. Let me end by saying you are hot as hell and I am just glad you have a preference to share yourself with us here. Thank you