#168 Boss Seduces Bruno, Making Him Squirm -

Approx Run Time: 44 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 3


Making Him Squirm in His Head: Working out you see some of the same people every night 5 days a week; you develop a friendship with some and you really don’t even know their name.  I met Bruno like I met Brandon, in one of the gyms I switch between, however Brandon’s meeting was a much bolder approach.  With Bruno it was more of a slow seduction, first on his part following me around and making small talk about gym, diet and workouts.  Then, once my 6th sense kicked in, it was me who knew, not only could I get him to suck me off, he wanted it so bad I could probably get him to probably do it on camera.  Frankly I had no use for him if he didn’t, so I teased, taunted and messed with him until he finally gave in and put it out there, he wanted it.  I made him squirm.

Making Him Squirm with His Body: What I didn’t know until the cameras rolled was just how far I could take him, I began slowly pushing limits and he responded.  I dished out some cock and ball torture and edged him, watch his toes curl and watch how I make him squirm, not by fucking with his mind like before but fucking with his body and literally fucking his body.  I edged him, slapped his balls twisted his cock, dumped a nut in him and let him look at me while he got himself off.

After it was over Bruno said "I can't believe I did this, it was intense!" and "More so can't believe such an insane body on a masculine guy would be into it, I thought you might have punched me out."  My response:  Nah man, rather than punch you, I just used you and took it out on ya that way."  He loved it, as you can see!

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