#10 Giant Muscle Matt, A Superior Force (Special Production) -

Approx Run Time: 40 Minutes

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Get off and laugh your ass off at the same time: This is a must see for Matt fans, he did an awesome, infact job at pulling this special request production off.  We had a BLAST filming this at times so serious you would think we were remaking Star Wars, and yet other times we laughed our asses off!  It is erotic, interesting, very creative and funny as hell.  This should be the first and last erotic giant movie you ever buy.  It was actually reviewed by serious movie critics on a site called film threat and they gave it all thumbs up for quality, production value and artistic creativity from a “Pro-Amateur” film producer.

 Why a Giant DVD? I learned early on that human sexuality is fascinating and this was one of those early day leassons. This production was inspired by a very large, but very discrete underground network of "macrophiles" who love muscle giants and the destruction their size can cause. They are aroused by the idea of a larger more powerful being and get off on crushing, stomping, and destruction. 

 The Moderators of several of these groups, communities actually came to me (Carlo) with a mission and a very generous offer if I could pull it off.  They had made similar offers (not as large) to others who fell short of what they wanted for many reasons.  Four months and a small fortune went into constructing the set, the very realistic “small town” that Matt was commissioned to destroy.  This film contains all that the macrophiles and giant lovers wanted to see with just the right props accompanied by the creative minds of Matt and myself.  It was one of the largest budget muscle matt films financed entirely by a small group of fans who also happened to be into this specific fetish.

 Here is what we came up with, that sold in box loads once the word got out to these macrophile communities.  Matt and I saved the day and made the moderators of these groups grateful that they chose us to trust not only with their finances but their fantasy.  It was a hit, and for months even a year later we were slammed with emails from members of these communities thanking us for doing this; many of them still fans and buyers today.  Everybody wins, we like that!

About #10: The film opens, as the giant is being held captive in massive chains. Bound both at his wrists and ankles enrages the giant; using all his strength the giant breaks free from his captivity. The tension mounts as the viewer watches the giant struggle. The clanging of the chains are drowned out by the giant's roar as he warns: "The Puny towns people will pay for this".

After breaking free of his shackles, the releases a sinister laugh that kicks off his rampage. as . Naked, empowered and over-come by aggression he makes his way to town pounding his way through the streets causing tremors with every step. Buildings shake, and people scream as an air-raid siren warns the town's people that the giant has broken free. Unaware of his strength and power the giant destroys buildings one by one, the first being the very courthouse that sentenced him to be shackled, chained and restrained.

The giant tortures the town' s people by using his feet, toes, and other huge body parts to pulverize buildings and stamp out cars. Hungry and thirsty the giant eats things and gulps down the towns water supply from its water tower. Now with more strength and more energy the giant becomes aroused by his size and power. He uses his massive, engorged dick as a wrecking ball. This is only the beginning as his rampage develops into an erotic escapade of pissing and jerking off on buildings, flooding the town with piss and cum. The giant even gets back at corporate America who has fucked so many little people themselves. This time, the big corporation gets fucked, literally by a force much larger than itself, giant muscle Matt the Superior Force! (Read the related Blog post The Making of Giant Muscle Matt)

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Comments: 3

This is WEIRD....
Hahaha, never paid attention, but it was fun, a little corny I will admit, but whoa, three fucking sweet Matt loads, that was special indeed.
I know that this is a specialty video but it is special to me because you get to see that hard muscular body of Matt's chained up. You can hit the pause button and imagine all kind of things to do those muscles of Matt while he is helpless. Just seeing the couple of pix on this page of Matt chained and helpless makes me want to watch that video right now.