#210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding -

Approx Run Time: 40 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 81


Epic: I will say that this film, this particular shoot, from the stills to all video, to the pure raw masculine sex (sportsex) has to be one of the most beautiful shoots in Muscle Mafia history.  We have many extremely hot content, sportsex films but this was epic for the authentic connection and sexual tension between these guys.

A Sweat Box: Not only the most beautiful but also the most unpredictable with constant issues do to a massive thunder and lightening storm knocking power out several times in 100 degree summer heat.  We made the best of it an all day, all night into the late night shoot.  You will see in this film Matt and Brad ended it with a bang, with Brad getting erotically and very passionately bred by Matt.

Sperm Stud: This film was Brad’s second load for the day proving again like in his early film (Twice in 1 night - No Mercy), Brad is a sperm stud.  His first, as you may remember was in a previous release “Black out Blow Job” where Keith gave Brad total cock worship during this shoot.  Keith was also in this one, he got both Matt and Brad ready with his mouth, producing 2 raging boners then turning over the night to these 2 buddies who have an unbreakable bond; one which defines the term “fuck buddies”.

This film takes place late in the night on this all day shoot, the camera (you) just watch an short intro from me and then Keith and the action starts with Keith getting the guys ready for their scene.

Envy: Matt and Brad kiss, feel, touch, suck, jerk, finger and engage in intense sweaty body contact. At Brad’s request, Matt takes it slow a first, relaxing and stimulating Brad until he tells Matt to “go for it” The guys flip and change positions for a while until Matt eventually blasts a massive muscle matt load in Brad’s ass, and Brad loved it.  Loved it so much that even spent from the first load he shot earlier, Brad, with a little help from Matt’s finger was able to crank out another thick load as a symbolic thank you to Matt for such an intense fuck.  Watch this, along with other Matt and Brad films and feel the envy.  You will want to find your own intense fuck buddy.

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Comments: 8

This one is one of my favorite in Muscle Mafia history. Couldn't take my eyes off this movie for a second. The lighting, the verbal talk, the ecstasy on Brad's face (even through the mask) he loves Matt's dick in his ass.
Another fucking hot Matt and Brad video. Once Keith got their cocks hard and Carlo gave the go-ahead, Brad had Matt's cock in his mouth in seconds. Video had all of the things we come to expect from a MM video with Matt and Brad muscle studs kissing our studs jacking their buddies dick hearing Brad tell Matt that he wanted Matt's load in his ass Brad sucking Matt's cock Matt fucking Brad's ass in multiple positions - especially loved it when Brad was riding Matt's dick while Matt was stroking Brad's dick while they were kissing seeing Brad shoot his load on Matt's abs, cock and balls Shooting the video with lower light levels made the film even hotter. Watched the movie twice and I've gotten off twice. Can't wait for the next video with two of my favorite muscle studs to be released.
Muscle bareback is very hot. Next time how about more dildo and even strapon scene, would be fucking hot.
Instant MM Classic. Intimate and erotic only begin to describe this scene. You definitely know it's a MM video, but something super special about this. Amazing how these studs we've seen plenty of can make it newer and hotter than ever! Thanks guys!
Thx, Bro. (and, DAMN, if that little picture is where your workout has brought you, it's beyond your best ever. 110% congratulations)
Wow Hyper, what a review. I Just emailed both Matt and Brad and told them to read that. I'm glad you said all that, coming from me it might have sounded like hype, I happen to agree. Love the comment about Keith and pregame warm-up I might just use that (if you don't mind). I am also going to spotlight your review, much appreciated. Necessity, as I often say, is the mother of invention. When we lost power, the glow from candles created a mood I just ran with. When power cam back on, the A/C couldn't cool off the room fast enough so I used fans and only 1 small light to keep heat down. It was brutal, my guys did awesome, in fact I think they actually liked sweating on each other. (grin) Thank youf for that review my friend.
INTENSE is the word. Can two men who know each other so well get HOT for it? Incredibly, yes. As usual, Carlo describes it all perfectly. But there's more. Muscle mountain Brad has never been more defined. Matt has always been like a Greek statue, but here he looks as if he's packed on more muscle while keeping it all beyond ripped. Watching his cut muscle ass powering each deep thrust is amazing footage. His long meaty cock even looks longer and stronger, maybe from all the years getting hard around Brad + the Mafia. And both men can't stop being verbal all through it, because the cock and the ass are feeling so incredible. Even in the candlelight, Carlo's camera never misses a thing. Perfect SportSex! (and Keith's pregame warm-up made me hard right away, just watching his hands hungrily smooth back and forth on Matt's pecs and abs. Thought I knew every trick in your playbooks, but this blew me away. Thx all 4 of you.
Ridiculously HOT! This is not porn this is living art in motion.