#148 Meat & Vegetables Anthony Tag Fucked By Boss & a Cucumber -

Approx Run Time: 47 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 19


While digging into the Boss and Anthony Archives this memorable gem was found, classic Boss and Anthony.  The title pretty much says it all and for those Boss and Anthony fans you already know its off the hook.  But Anthony wanted something little different, and this time he got himself into a “pickle”, well the pickle got into him.  Ok, just one more, I can’t resist it, before I want balls deep in Anthony I used a Cucumber as a “Dill-doe” to loosen him and warm him up.  That’s it for the pickle and cucumber jokes… I think.

The night was like any other with Anthony and me, we worked out, ate, hung out and then set the cameras up for a voyeuristic birds eye look at what ever happened next.  Real, raw and unscripted.  (The Vegetable was raw).  First we start out with my buzzing Anthony’s ass to get it what he calls “dolphin smooth” and ready for the taking.  After, I relax him Boss style, get into his head and let it all happen.

This is intense, erotic and interesting to say the least.  That night Anthony got both his meat and vegetables.

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Comments: 10

Loved this scene so much. Love the way Anthony wriggled in pleasure and pain. Hoping to see Anthony again.
The perfect Man-Fucker. Attitude (fatherly, brotherly, challenging, demanding), great array of techniques, rhythms, power to spare, and a fat stiff cock. The perfect Plow-taker. 100% musclestud, willing, brave, able to surrender to the pain to reach the pleasure, then glory in all of it right on into the cum. Never seen two better men.
Great being back and seeing the stallion Boss take on and own his muscle pussy boy Anthony! There is no doubt the Anthony has Boss deep inside his head and he can't live without that big Italian cock deep inside his jock cunt. This makes VIP worth it the way these guys go at it and how Boss makes it happen. And ya gotta check out this scene to see that big cucumber disappear inside Anthony's willing hole! So HOT!!!
The chemistry between these two is awesome. Love how Carlo pushes Anthony's limits further in each vid, and Anthony enjoys going bigger each time. Have to get a huge big dildo to really test the limits of this man's hot ass
Hot!! When will Anthony take the Boss's entire fist?
fucking hot; swollen butt lips in heat for the Boss.
Hot as Fuck! The connection is to envy. No one will ever by able to satisfy Anthony like Carlo. Anything and anyone after mucle mafia and Carlo will just be boring. The best part is this is real stuff, all your films are Carlo, real stuff no acting or cheesy story lines that is why I know everything else besides you and your films will bore your crew and your fans. Another great flick, looking forward to the next 148 films!
Anthony loves it! No one will ever be able to sarisfy Anthony like The Boss. No one will ever be in his head and tap into the erotic part of his brain like Boss. What's hot about all Boss films his ability to dominate and control by starting first with their mind. Anything Boss, I don't even look at first or read first I get out my wallet first. Never disappointed! Keep them coming Boss.
The "Boss and Anthony" bond is one of the most genuine! Seeing these guys get together is always great. The banter is real. The laughs and joking around and it is definitely about trust that makes the time these guys have on film not just a scene on camera but a total #SportSex event. Boss is complete KING at fucking and Anthony gives up his muscled jock ass without skipping a beat. Nothing turns me on more than seeing a beefy guy open up to get his hole banged by his good buddy and that's what happens here. The cucumber is crazy HOT and Anthony's fuck hole just puckers and takes it but it's the way that Boss rams his stiff cock deep inside his boy that makes this scene intense. I could watch Carlos's beefy glutes clench and bounce while he barebacks Anthony anytime. The more #BossAndAnthony the better!
God Damn Boss! Anthony's hole can take a big dick. When we gunna see the one where bigbrad's monster cock tears Anthony up? No body fucks like you though Boss, everything about you is "The Bomb" Anthony is one lucky dude.