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10/10/2021: NEW NEW NEW!  #205 Boss Mind Fucks Sean (new Crew) and #206 Big Brad Rails Ron (with bonus Boss)

9/21/2021: Back from Summer Break, what we were doing this summer, where were we?  Storms, destruction, construction, hiatus, hard hats, hard-ons but the legacy continues... Read The Blog Boss sums up summer 2021We are back full swing!

HOT HOT #204 HOLY FUCK! Matt and Carlo Breed Skater Kid Eric is a HIT!! Record sales and VIP members are watching it over and over, average 3 times per member! 

Live Shows-Good times! limited availability, For show info / get tickets:

#205 about to drop next upgrade to VIP!

#203 Matt Fucks Brad Sideways was added with #201 to VIP Only.

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 New version of musclematt, No more Adobe Flash Player better quality on all devices, read what you need to do on our recent blog post, "No More Flash Player"


Live events are a HIT!  It's a party read about it and ask Carlo

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