#162 First Trip to Grandma's, Eating Out of Our Hands (lost footage) -

Approx Run Time: 21 Minutes

The Buddy System

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After a work out Boss and Brad go on an excursion and sneak into a messy dark, dingy basement for blow jobs.

Lost Footage:  This was the very first time we went to Grandma’s house which was made famous by #87 Grandma's House Part 1, Boss Uses and Abuses Greg and #88 Grandma's House Part 2, Brad Tears Greg Up-Angry Fuck; Both best sellers and always on the Hot List.  Going through the vault of video I came across this one and had to release it.  It has more meaning now that the other movies in the series with Cock Sucker Greg have been released.  This is the back story of how Greg got started and our first introduction and reaction to “Grandma’s”.

It begins with me giving you all a back story on Greg and telling you that I was going to test this new cock sucker to see if he will really drop what he is doing to blow me and one of my buddies.  you watch as I call him and tell him we are coming down, and will hear that he tells us his sister and some other friends or family members are in the house.

Dark, Creaky and Creepy: Ultimately what we had to do was turn the headlights off on the truck, pull up to the house in pitch darkness and meet Greg at the side door.  Whispering, he lead us down a creaky set of stairs to the basement and leaned us up against a pool table where he went right to work.

First me! Still in my workout gear even carrying my gallon of water from the gym, I un-tie my sweat pants and let my dick fall out for Greg to service. It was a weird experience because we could here people upstairs walking around as the floors creaked, sounds you hear loud and clear in the follow-up visits in #87 and #88 when we piss on Greg and Brad fucks the shit out of him.  This is also the house where the famous bitch slap happens in #88 where Greg took a hissy fit.

Then Brad! Now it’s Brad’s turn, he flips the camera to me while he is getting his dick sucked.  Greg goes nuts on Brad’s big 9x7 slurping on it like the good cock sucker he is.  We had to stay as quiet as possible but the entire scene was loud with desperation of us wanting a post workout blow job and Greg wanting to do it.

Eating out of Our Hands:  Obviously based on what you now know of Greg, we had him eating out of our hands in theory, he did anything we wanted him to do in several films and sometimes more than he even knew.  But in this first film, it was official and literal, both Brad and I came in the palm of our hands and fed it to him.  Greg licked and ate both our loads right from our hands.  He is a good cock sucker.

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Comments: 5

That was so hot. Those pecks are amazing. Can’t stop watching all these videos
Lucky cocksucker.
That is a healthy Binge GT!
Love Boss and Brad, these 2 are a dangerous pair! Im binge watching you dudes.
Awesome! Delicious treats! Glad you found that one--time for more Brad-Action!!