#65 Zac Worshipped & Seduced Pete Swallows -

Approx Run Time: 40 Minutes

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Zac couldn't stop at just jerking off like in his first film, the urge and curiosity to feed a cock sucker got the best of him..If you get off watching a nervous cock straight cock get sucked off for the first time, this is another one of those Muscle Mafia moments that we captured on film.  DVD #32, Nick Worshipped and Seduced is one of our Most Watched, and #11 Matt Worshipped and Seduced, The First Blessing is one of our most watched of ALL time! I am sure this one will be interesting to you as well.

I took a roll of the dice when Zac said he needed some immediate cash and that he was thinking about coming back to film a blow job scene.  Zac was reading the blog and keeping up with the sites and became more and more turned on by the concept of going to the next step in muscle worship; full cock service and blessing a cock sucker with a muscle cum shot Muscle Mafia Style.

I put Pete one of our cock suckers on call and Zac in a room, warmed him up with a pre-shoot interview and then just sat back, rolled camera and let it all unfold. The nervous laughing and fidgety behavior soon turned into moans, groans and hip thrusting. 

Foot Worship, To Cock Worship...It starts with Pete worshipping and licking Zac’s jock feet right out of his sneakers. Foot lovers will get off on this scene alone, Pete knows how to service feet as I taught him well in #62 Cock Sucker Academy when he just about swallowed my damp sweat socks.  Then from Zac's sweaty feet to his cock and that is where he stayed.  Pete did what he learned to do from previous films and that is to do what I tell him and what comes naturally once one of our crew cocks gets in his mouth; and he did! 

Zac moved him around the room and put him in several cock sucking positions before Pete kneeled in front to take a mighty big cum shot to his right eye, his face and his mouth.  Pete was covered in cum, Zac was covered in sweat and Zac’s first blow job was covered by our cameras.

Also see Zac’s scene in Forgive me Father 


Catch Pete take cock and cum in many films online, to name a few:
Cock Sucker Academy 2 (with The Boss)
Christmas Wish 2010 where he gets it in both ends!

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Comments: 2

Zac has an incredible body. I'd love to be the first to take a boss bong from his amazing cock. Hell he can do anything and everything he wants to me.
Now THIS is my kinda movie. I really, really like Zac. He seems to be a pretty nice guy with a rockin bod, sexy voice, and a cute personality. At first, he seems to be a little reserved, but as the video progresses you see him let go of his inhibitions and start to really get into it and enjoy the experience. I would definitely love to be the guy that does for him the things his girlfriend won't do lol. Pete is one lucky man! Thanks for the video and thanks for the Muscle Mafia!