#205 Boss Mind Fucks Sean -

Approx Run Time: 40 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 42


The self titled technical term: Hypno Erotic Seduction, or “HES” a method I developed and have been personally using in movies since the very beginning.  This is not a medical term and does not offer any science other than my experience as proof it exists.  You all know it more crudely as "The Boss's Mind Fuck”.   Read the indepth blog post (The Anatomy of a Mind Fuck) I will be elaborating on all this in a future blog post and new 2022 pod casts as well. 

Intense: The ability for me to tap into the sexual part of a (guy or girls brain) in this instance another guys brain and control him by arousal, a very calming, relaxing and hypnotic state of mind where all inhibitions are eliminated and the orgasm is both equally satisfying mentally and physically for a completely gratifying sexual experience.  Often, if you are good at it, it can be subliminal, some guys don't even know it's happening others are perfectly aware and want it, either way the affects are the same.  Once the brain is "tapped" and trust is established, the next time we hang out his mind, with a little refresh automatically slips back to that hypnotic state for another gratifying experience.

Control: Meet Sean, a guy I met a few years ago on the gym floor.  We developed a friendship and a trust and eventually it become obvious he had an attraction for me.  An attraction he didn’t mind showing you, an attraction that he was willing to let me in his head and take complete control.  Taking control is fairly easy if and when the other guys really wants it to happen, and he did.  What happened live on cam just became #205.  A complete take over of his mind and body, his permission for me to get inside his mind and his body.

I Own Him: Breath control, erotic choking, and everything else Boss Style, this is the first of other films with Sean in essence like Anthony in #101, this is Sean's Baptism.  We bonded here, that bond became stronger and lead to a nice friendship and other films for musclematt.com.  I own him and he is willing to be own by me.

See my profile (Carlo / Boss) for a complete movie resume and other mind fuck movies.

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Comments: 9

I just really admire the Boss’ way of his “HES” methods everything about him is BOSS imo* and I don’t mean just “aesthetically” I can look past that, but it’s a beautiful site to see GOD BLESS THE BOSS!
Was totally worth renting this movie love to find the perfect one that draws my attention have one homemade special vodka drink (to enhance my mood) and watch the BOSS perform his magic it’s just amazing it’s like his voice just has me go through the motions myself glad to be apart of this site your works and methods are phenomenalGOD BLESS the BOSS always! Forever glad to be apart of this site Respectfully, DTLZ85
Jeeez he so Luckyyyy
STRAY THOUGHT: Your guys don't b.s. or try at all to be artful in speaking: you ask'em "How do you feel, tell me about it," and they breathe out "Great!" but say no more. That plainness, that "not trying to put on a show" is hot. Yet it's also true that if you could add to your on-call boys one who can't stop himself from crying out, "God, your pecs!" or "Your fuckin dick is so fuckin THICK!" or whatever, a guy who can verbalize a little what we're all thinking while we watch, it'd be one more great thing on a great site. Anthony came closest. Sometimes. It'd put me over even more than usual.
Maybe the most complete display of HES you've done yet. The whispering, the slow proving out that your control is safe for him to let go in. And all the cgange-uos ti take him gently deeper into the experience. Sean's so likeable and honest, and hus big hard cock is into it. This woulda been yet more exciting if he could have taken your thick cock until he got used to it, but every match is different. More Sean, opening more. Carlo's torso looking fabulous--even for Carlo!
This is amazing! Sorry for my late reviews Boss! The energy you emit when you seduce another guy is so erotic. I get hard listening to you talking. This reminds of 99, which I watch on a very regular basis. Sean drinking ur power cum at the end is just so….I can’t describe. I came to it a few times already!
hot as hell boss! fuck yeah
Wow Boss I really am anxious to read about your concept on the hypno erotic. I have watched for years how your alpha nature is able to seduce men both gay and straight and all in between. It's a talent. Love this film, you are dominant yet gentle, aggressive yet caring and considerate that in itself is a turn-on. Sean looks awesome and is really into pleasing you, he wants to make you happy, so much that he allows you to choke him and control his breathing ultimate trust and bonding. You handle it so well. Great movie!!
So hot! I can only image how erotic it must be to be in the same room and fall under the Boss' HES method. Loving the pec worship in the scene too. Need more of that lol.