#120 Another Muscle Matt Martini -

Approx Run Time: 23 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 20


You Asked For It! This is from the Vault, a movie scene asked for by name, “Requesting a Muscle Matt Martini”.  Stan (Red Face Stan) a generous supporter of The Muscle Mafia asked for one of these specialty drinks and we delivered.

Another Best Seller: You have seen Stan suck, service and milk out members of the crew in several movies, most famously in #53 Christmas Wish 2009: Matt Gives Adam Receives and then again in #58 Brad Pounds Billy Twice in one Night (No Mercy); both epic block busters and best sellers to this day. (see others inspired by Stan below).

Creamy Cocktail: Stan saw the first “Muscle Matt Martini” #20.3 and requested one of his own.  In this movie, ripped from the vault Matt and Stan meet up and true to Muscle Mafia tradition and this creamy high protein drink Matt busts one of his famous massive loads to create a cocktail you can only get here!

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Matt looks AWESOME here and gets real DOMINANT and VERBAL while he gets some good service from Stan. It's hot seeing Stan look up at Matt while he licks his BALLS and even gives Matt a rim job. He definitely follows Matt's orders. The gusher of SPERM that Matt blasts is BIG...and Stan wastes no time sucking out every last drop of CUM from that BIG HARD COCK. Score! ..... Stan could easily be one of the new cock suckers he's that good....and from the look on his face he is really into MUSCLE MAFIA JIZZ !!!