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WANTED!..REWARD! Trapped a Troll! Why Some Films May Never Be Released!

Posted on 08/22/14

We have many names for them here, rats, weasels, trolls, losers, bottom feeders, etc.  other names I rather not even put in writing.. Im talking about thieves, freeloaders who try to rip us off.  They can run but can’t hide and we been catching them, when we do they don’t know what hit them.

I wrote about this back in 2011,(See That Post about catching rats)  I regret I have to write about it again.  Unfortunately some of this is disappointing but it gets better, actually quite funny because in the end as always I get the last laugh.  It’s always a battle between good and evil.  The evil that lurks here is that 1 asshole who gets some cheap thrill about attempting to rip off and post our films to their groups and little message boards.  Yes like a rat or a cockroach who finds a crumb and brings it back to his dirty nest so his fellow rats and cockroaches can give him praise.  A Weasel as I have said before, a very desperate attempt for some lonely troll with his dick in his hand (cause no one else wants it) to gain some attention by offering a stolen clip.  This is a person who most people would vomit at the site of, but the minute we smell one of these creatures we smoke them out and exterminate them.  When I say “We” I don’t just mean those that work with me here, I mean The Muscle Mafia Army, our soldiers who find these weasels and bring them to me!  God help them as you will read! 

The security and the technology used to protect our site and our movies is the best in the industry.  So it takes a lot of work to rip us off, I say get a job, or a boyfriend or do something good for society; the problem is a weasel is a weasel and no one wants one around, so they really have nothing else to do but find ways to rip off the adult entertainment industry. As a result, guys like me once again have to divert funds, time, resources and man power to counter act any attempted security breaches.  This distracts me, my crew and my techs from doing what everyone is here to see and that is to produce movies, groom new guys and grow this organization that has clearly developed an ever growing cult following.  

I can’t even begin to tell you how de-motivating and aggravating it is. I can’t put into words how that feels and how that affects me and my crew on so many levels.  Instead, what I decided to do was to rather tell you how it affects you, affects you have had no clue were even affecting you until this post.

Crew and Films Put On Ice! As a result of these people trying to rip us off, ONCE AGAIN, funds have had to be put to other use to protect our content, so some shoots have been postponed or even cancelled.  Releases of new films have been postponed or cancelled.  The introduction to some new crew members has been postponed or cancelled and even worse some may never be seen as a result of these weasels. 

Don’t worry, it’s being taken care of.  If not for the growing number of Muscle Mafia fans and followers I call “The Army” some of these weasels might get away with it.

The Boss’s Revenge, The Story of The Troll and His Weasel. 

I get an email from one of our movie buyers and he alerts me to someone posting on some message board asking if anyone has Muscle Mafia movies they can share.  He got a response, his request was answered. apparently the exchange took place because a follow-up post had a thank you.  What makes it worse is that I banned troll who made the post, a man by the name of Jeremy Stacks of Portland Oregon from because our security snagged him attempting to rip off movies.  Jeremy got a call from me and he heard things from my mouth that I know they just don’t hear in Portland.  So Troll Jeremy apparently went to some message board or blog and posted his request and even offered to pay who ever had any Muscle Mafia films or a membership to to share the movie; the lonely old troll found his willing weasel. 

The Trap! The member of The Army joined this particular group and was able to give me the weasel’s email address and some other information.  I located his account with us, checked it all out, sure enough all dates, IP addresses, movie purchases checked out. Now it was game on for me!

The Weasel who was assisting Troll Jeremy was Christian Hernandez, a 22 year old guy from Winter Garden Florida, a zitt faced punk who works at the Friday’s restaurant in his area.  Remember this is The Muscle Mafia, and I do have my contacts and my Army, in 24 hours I was able to tell you what this nose picker had for breakfast!! 

I obtained his cell phone number, he ignored my call, of coarse he would.. he is not only a weasel and a thief but a coward!  Shortly after my calls his username suddenly disappeared from the message board.  He ran but couldn’t hide, I tracked down a home number, I called there and got a pleasant women on the phone who was his mother, Mrs. Hernandez.  I told her what her son was doing and to her credit she was extremely upset, well for 2 reasons, 1 she swears he is a good boy and she didn’t raise a thief ( yeah so did Jeffery Damer’s mother) anyway, the other reason was because she had no CLUE her son was gay.  Well way to go Christian, what a way to come out! The next day I got 5 missed calls and 1 very frantic shaky message from Christian Hernandez of Winter Garden Florida.  This is one kid who will never forget me or The Muscle Mafia.  He got back to me just in time before I sent some contacts in Florida to Fridays where he works (done that before, that’s another story) You all know I believe in the code of silence, and someone’s right to privacy, but I believe in my copyright above all!  Once I find a weasel, all bets and both gloves are off.

So, please join The Army, its informal, there is no application or special form, just email me and give me any and all information you can about any postings or unauthorized Muscle Mafia movies, clips or trailers.

There are several other stories like this one, all just as interesting and very entertaining to see how The Army worked with me to trap, torture and exterminated a Rat!  So a word to the wise, fuck with someone else's hard earned money or I will fuck with you to the extent I flirt with the line of illegal, won’t cross it, but will get real close.  We don’t call ourselves The Muscle Mafia for nothing, we take our business and our community of brotherhood here very seriously and so do 98% of those that follow us.  Trust me there are a few over the years that I have very creatively trapped and watched squirm and they will never be the same.  They will never fuck me with or my crew again, and no longer find it a good decision to rip off copyright content from ANYONE!

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cumvampire 08/22/14
APPLAUSE----APPLAUSE--- Wow boss please don't let these people stop you! Stop them and I think you got a pretty good handle on that! Just loved it!
onmyknees 08/22/14
Carlo, you are the freaking best!! Man I new from your movies you had one set of big balls but this is everything boss Carlo is about! I wish I could spend just 1 day with you, just 1 just to learn how the hell you do things! People, lets trapped these petty thieves! Kudos to you, you are a man among men an alpha of all alphas, a true leader and a gentleman in ways only other men can dream. You look after your crew, go to bat for them, protect them, you are serious about what you do and it shows and your respect for yourself and love for you guys and your followers is even more powerful than presence on film because it is felt by just your words. Always had respect for you boss, more so now. Good for you!