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The Making Of Christmas Wish 2014!

Posted on 12/23/14


You just can’t make this up, shit happens here even on Christmas. #102, Christmas at home, was the first Christmas Wish shot at The Crew Condo.  Because of the private location of the condo the invite list was intimate and carefully thought out. I tried to grant everyones wish this year.  First Anthony asked as far back as summer if he could be in charge of decorating the musclemafia Christmas tree and the condo (see that blog post and photos).  Many of you have asked when Matt will be in another Christmas Wish film, here he is.  Those that have been following our live blessed events and cams have read and seen photos of Matt and Spencer and asked when they will get to see those 2 in action, here it is!  And the cock suckers are Jared who has shot with us a few times (not yet released) and Ronnie, who I have been speaking to since summer and myself of coarse to direct and manage it all.  So that was the guest list this year.  


Dinner, Drinks, The Toast and Body Shots. I started the night with dinner and drinks for everyone.  I had a 20 pound turkey made on a rotisserie and severed that with some sweet potatoes, and good wine.  I stocked the bar with liquor and made some of my famous “Boss Martinis”.  We ate like hogs and then did our traditional Champagne toast.  After that the guys did shots out of Matt’s flexed abs.  The body shots were by request about a week prior during a live cam with Matt.  This particular movie buyer and Cam viewer promised to buy us the bottle of the best tequila if it was poured on Matt’s abs and licked off his body!  Done! 

The cock suckers job this year were to get Matt and Spencer started so they can do their thing.  The action started shortly after the Champagne toast with blow jobs in the living room.  Then Matt and Spencer took center stage as Matt artfully fingered Spencer getting him ready for a Christmas Wish Pounding and cum shot drenching he will never forget.  Matt was in animal mode, and for those who have seen Matt fuck and how he uses those 8 inches you already know the gift Spence received this Christmas. 

Even Child Birth Didn’t Stop Matt and Spencer... Shit happens but the show goes on.  Before shooting Jared told me that his sister was in labor and was about to have a baby he could be called at any; and he was. You hear his phone ring during the shoot and me asking the guys to step out.  Jared became an uncle! Luckily it was after he and Ronnie worked up boners on Spence and Matt. But the side commotion didn’t stop Matt and Spence from what they were doing and the show went out.  Matt nailed him, Spence wanted it and because of their good chemistry from prior live blessed events, these guys went at it long and hard! 

So Christmas Wish 2104 is done, it was weeks of preparation, tree decorating, condo decorating, organization, photo shoots and the big night that now is #102 Christmas Wish, Home For Christmas, Matt Pounds Spencer.  

In the Last few weeks we released #100 Piss and Vodka, #101 Anthony's Baptism, The Night Boss Claimed Anthony and now #102 Christmas Wish 2014!  The new year, 2015 is about a week away, and I have many more plans for The Muscle Mafia and this community.

See more photos below of the making of and the music video below that is weeks of preparation and video footage edited down to just under 3 minutes, enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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JoeinMoncton 02/27/15
God Bless these Gods of Muscle Merry Christmas