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The Game's Social Media Play

Posted on 12/22/20

Twitter suspended The Muscle Mafia account @themusclemafia because they said our header image (The crew in muscle mafia t-shirts and a mans hands on my pecs) was, and I quote, “Too sexually arousing”.  Really? After what I have seen on Twitter, that’s laughable!  Ok easy enough to fix, change the image, no problem, right?. Nope, Twitter refused to give me access to the profile edit so I was unable to correct “the problem”.  So let’s call it what it is, the suspension wasn’t about the image at all. Same thing with Instagram!  It’s suspicious but there is always a solution, see it below or if you want the details read on.

I was never a big fan of social media for a number of reasons.  In my opinion, it gives a very loud voice to some very big assholes and a home for trolls looking for nothing other than free content. It also creates a venue for mis-information, rumors and gossip.  However, At the request of fans and followers years ago, I reluctantly set up a few social media accounts, mainly for mass communication and quick promotion. For those reasons at least it had some value, unless and until, someone who doesn’t like your account decides to take it down.  

The Muscle Mafia existed before it came to the Internet, our brand was always exclusive and private; direct contact and interaction with supporters, keyword “supporters” not free loaders.  Our mailing list and blog were always our main source of communication. The majority of our membership came to us by word of mouth, not social media. So now, we just go back to our roots (private interaction with a small number of quality members) I prefer it that way, it’s more intimate and builds long lasting relationships.

After asking around, the exact same thing has happened to others. If they don’t like your content, your views or anything else they want to nit-pick at; they will cut you off, It’s arbitrary.   I still have a responsibility to communicate to fans, members and followers.  To the disappointment of only those that were looking for “free shit” I was never and will never be a slave to social media.  Other than a quick note, social media has no value to us and is counter productive to the exclusivity our brand enjoys.   If you want to know what is happening with The Muscle Mafia, our crew or movies here is where you will get accurate information through private emails from me and here on the blog.

My Solution:

1: Matt has his twitter @livemuscle, follow us there (until they decide they don’t like that one either)

2: I have set up another twitter for me “The Boss” @carloruva (again until someone is in a bad mood at Twitter and suspends me)

3: However here’s my favorite Solution:  FUCK ‘EM, I been around since 2001 and have an extensive mailing list of willing, opt-in followers who would prefer to hear from me directly.  So in keeping to our original business plan of complete exclusivity, all major communications will be limited to our blog here on and to mailings directly from me to you right to your inbox!

4: Make sure you are on our private list, just email me directly Put Me on Boss!

Here is The Upside, Because there always is one…

In the end I see this as a good thing.  Brings us back to our roots before social media ruled our lives and we, me, you, the crew and our members/following will interact more, to me that is the winning outcome of all of this.  Let them play their games, nit-pick, site what ever violation they want to make up today.  Truth is, this is our community here, I run it, you follow it.

So throw me to the wolves, I come back leader of the pack every time.


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Carlo 12/26/20
I had to say something INSANELAS, they screwed with us, or at least tried to. 6 weeks later they have returned no response, no remedy, nothing. Just suspend and ignore is their business practice. That is fine, as my note above says, aside from "light" social media presence everything for 2021 that happens here will be through private mailing list. Direct communications from me to you (members). That way we know nothing or no one can attempt to cut off communications. I think they did me a favor. Carlo
insanelas 12/25/20
Thanks for posting this Boss! I was wondering why the old account was gone!