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Site Was Temporarily Down, So Sorry

Posted on 03/16/21

Some time between 5:03 am and 7:00 am east coast time on March 15, 2021 went down.  Techs were immediately on it and found that the primary hard drive had failed.  We immediately began the fix; swaping out drives and restoring the site from the back-up.

The good thing is we have 20 years of content, video, movies and trailers, etc.  The bad news is that we have 20 years of content, video, movies, and trailers; including unreleased movies queued for release…that's ALOT! The hard drive swap took less than 2 hours, the transfer of all the backed up files took 24 hours.

The good news is we are back up and running almost seamlessly with a minimal lost data, we only lost a couple of hours data.  Some new members and new VIP Upgrades need to be reinstated, but that’s an easy fix.  The rest of you wouldn't even know it happened unless you vistied the site during the transfer time.

Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you to those that wrote and were concerned.  You may or may not know is one of the only “boutique” sites out there, owned, operated and self financed since 2001.  I invest in the best, that includes the techs that operate the site, the team of magicians who were responsible for jumping immediately into action and getting things seamlessly back to normal.  They worked around the clock for me, and for you quickly.

Trust that I am taking additional precautions so that should this EVER happen again, we can flip to a clone site without interruption.  Reality is, shit happens, moving parts break; we caught it immediately.  

Let’s get back to what we do here at and within this culture we call The Muscle Mafia.

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