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Game Changer, Brad Blows Carlo Derek Atlas Swallows a Boss Load Too!

Posted on 12/01/11

Private Blessed Event, Harmless Fun? This is the official release and back story to #71, Game Changer. Brian, a local New York area fan that follows us very closely, had a very perceptive observation about the chemistry between Brad and me; one he said was confirmed when he met us in person and watched us interact for this “Blessed Event” that is now #71.    Brian offered to make a generous donation to The Muscle Fund if he could meet with us and hang out with us for the night, and he did. Normally “Blessed Events” are very rare, if at all, and are not filmed. Brian told me he had some experience using a camera and would like to film the night and would agree to my terms. All he wanted was a chance to spend some time with us, have an informal Q&A and watch Brad and I interact a little. He said he has something called head rings and wanted to watch Brad put as many as he could fit on my dick. He also wanted to watch Brad do body shots of tequila out of my flexed abs. Everything else he said he wanted to leave to the chemistry between me and Brad; it sounded like harmless fun.


After talking to Brian I agreed; but he had to use my camera and the footage is mine, and if for any reason I wanted to trash the film I could; he agreed and I set it up.  Honestly I went into this expecting to trash the film.

Always trust my words when I say, This is legit guys, genuinely for real I had no idea some of these things would happen; let alone end up on film.    During my emails and phone calls with Brian he was modest with his observations regarding Brad and my chemistry.  All he said was, “Boss you and Brad look hot together its fun to watch you two, I bet you guys are a blast at a party.” It wasn't’t until that night began with a few drinks and those talked about shots out of my abs did I realize Brian was a little more intuitive then he originally lead on.


Brian Tells it Like it is! As the night went on, and the interview with Brad and I was wrapping up, Brad got up to use the bathroom leaving Brian and I alone for bit.  This time, Brian was less modest and was far more direct when he said, “Boss that boy is fascinated with you, almost enamored, he watches your every move and his demeanor changes when you are in the room.” He went on to say, “It’s almost like you are his Idol, an infatuation.”  “That boy, as big as he is has feelings for you and he doesn't’t know what to do or how to handle them.”  “Do you mind if I push him a little, I think he wants that, I think he needs me to make suggestions as an excuse to do things I think he really wants to do”.   Truth be told, it took me back a little. This was filmed more than a year ago, and as you will see once others are released and more blog posts are publish, Brian's 6th sense was dead on!

Red Face Stan Called Me Svengali Listen, I had heard the whole chemistry, admiration thing before, the ultimate alpha-male thing of Brad looking up to the Boss, but Brian put a WHOLE other spin on this and it caught me off guard. During the shooting of DVD #58 it was Red Face Stan who called me a week later and told me I was Svengali. Stan clarified that however by saying my intent was not evil but one of a magician or a hypnotist who gets in the minds of these guys and brings their unconcious thoughts, thoughts they never knew they had to the concious. Through The Muscle Mafia and its strick rules of trust, loyalty and concealed identity combined with the cameras, and the amount of money that could make guys just let all inhibitions go. He said, "You Carlo are the man that makes all this happen for them, they submit to you, not like a cock sucker but in resepect and awe, they submit by letting their inhibitions go and opening their mind to the world you created." Thats pretty powerful!

He was the first to touch on the chemistry between Brad and I and related it more to Brad’s focus and dedication to wanting to please me through allowing me to use his body as a weapon or a trained attack dog on cock suckers. He added, "I think Brad has a little Man Crush on you".

Even Matt at times said, wow Carlo, Brad really listens to you and you handle him so well. To Matt's credit he said, "Lucky for him you are the guy you are, because if Brad let some other guy take control of him like that, he could be in a whole mess of trouble"."If he plays his cards right, he can be here a while and make a fortune with you Carlo, and he knows it, you rocked his world!"


The Game Changes..Maybe it was the drinks but I rolled with it, and again I knew no matter what happened I could and probably would trash the footage.  But this night, DVD #71 was most definitely a “Game Changer” and it altered the dynamic between Brad and I ever since.  Let me explain…you have all read my first blog post way back when (The Making of Big Brad, When 2 Worlds Collide) This however, was yet another layer for Brad to sort out and I had to be very skillful at how I handled all this going forward.  I have to be very conscious that if and when Brad was able to admit to himself what he was feeling it would be a WHOLE new head trip for him or would it be? You guys decide as you watch this one and all the future releases to follow.

Some of this won’t make sense to you until you watch this play out through many Boss and Brad films, Boss Cams and blog posts scheduled to follow DVD #71.  It might make sense to some of you who have already watched #64 Scene 1 Brad's Blind Folded Blow Job and 64 Scene 2, Carlo Massages Brad's Prostate, Men on a Mission; based on some of your emails and comments you could see all Brad wants to do is please "The Boss" and follow my lead. I have learned a great deal about sexuality and the sexuality of others. Based on all you have seen here and momentum of The Muscle Mafia, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say I am an expert in certain aspects of male sexuality and how men on all levels relate and why. I'm certain Brad was not prepared for some of the emotions that confused him after the filming of DVD #64 and especially after this one!

I say this not to boast or brag but as a matter of fact, a true alpha-male, or an ultimate alpha-male is not defined by his size, his lean muscle weight or his biceps alone, but by the strength of mind and body, a strong self-confidence and mental prowess that can rule rulers and tame men who appear to be otherwise untamable; it's called "respect".  Men have a certain inborn pattern of behavior, a natural instinct to look to a leader, Captain, Coach, Sargent, and “Boss”, titles that if taken seriously come with great responsibility and trust. These leaders possess traits that are not and should not be expected from your average man.  I say this not to demean or diminish anyone’s mental capacity but to state a fact of life that some people have the ability to deal with certain circumstances and situations better than others.

We spoke before, and as recent as DVD #70 (Matt Pounds Derek) about mutual muscle worship it is just a physical thing. But throw in emotion or for lack of a better word or definition an emotional attraction that develops from a physical attraction between 2 men who consider themselves straight in every other aspect other than this particular attraction.  I don't know if "crush" is the right word, but I think "bonding" is a more accepted and more masculine way to put it. The concept of "male bonding" or a "man crush" that certain connection between otherwise straight guys is far more normal and more frequent then you think. The difference is that here there is the Muscle Mafia environment there is the comfort, trust and loyalty to explore it, try it, and roll with it.


WTF? The Game Changed, Now What?...After this filming I had several concerns, as “The Boss" it would then become my great responsibility, almost my burden in fact to be sure I handled this properly because this would and could be a serious mind fuck for Brad and would need to be handled carefully.

You all know my deal, I'm dominant, aggressive at times, verbal and love to use and abuse a cock sucker. While this was happening it was no doubt hot. The minute Brad put my throbbing dick in his mouth that changed the game for me in that, Brad, my project alpha-male, my boy, my buddy, someone I work out with, and considered a close friend was no cock sucker and I did not feel like "using and abusing" him. I had and have far more respect for him then your basic cock sucker I might use for my pleasure and for good film making. Using and abusing a cock sucker is my thing, its what turns me on and why I do this, this night changed the rules of the game for me but I'm going with it see where it takes us. I just knew it would take some skillful actions on my part because now Brad had another reason to look to me for guidance. I knew I had a much larger task ahead of me. (See some of Brad's photography with me)

However, The question became does Brad have the ability to sort it all out and deal with it; to actually process and understand it.  Does Brad have the mental capacity to handle this properly; the reality that he may have been broad sided by feelings or attractions he never knew he was capable of.  That is where I felt my responsibility as a leader, and an ultimate alpha-male came in. So the next question became now that I know this, was this something I really wanted to have to deal with. I am here to make films for you guys not be a therapist, but I guess if god "blessed" me with the ability to be a natural born leader and the wisdom with the experience to be considered an expert of sorts in muscle worship and aspects of male sexuality, maybe this all could play into the reality, the raw and unscripted motif that makes my films and these websites in a class all by themselves.

The concept of muscle worship, and getting off on being filmed dominating a cock sucker is one thing. Even the concept of mutual muscle worship is pretty much understood. But when you start talking about genuine feelings, “crushes” and realities that take some people by surprise it no doubt changes the game. 

To be Continued.. Watch as future releases and blog posts go public. Take a look at the screen grabs and watch the #71 Trailer, listen to what Brad says and how he says it and then watch the movie and observe how it unfolds, pretty interesting if I can say so myself. This is why I made the decision NOT to trash the film but to edit it down so the story and the events that took place that night were properly told.

For you guys the chemistry between Brad and I make things more interesting and it certainly was the gas on the fire that blew up some very hot films on the coming soon list. Films with either he and I interacting together or films with me calling out orders to him while he uses and abuses a cock sucker.

For me on the other hand will this chemistry, this unexplainable connection and this “change of game” make my life more difficult? Would it make it more difficult if not impossible to be “The Boss”. Would he just go with it or fight me and now try to compensate or dismiss his feelings. Would it bother him when being around me if he was not the biggest and strongest in the room and I’m not talking about size or how much he could lift. Would that become a problem for him and ultimately for me now that this white elephant in the room was being exposed and no longer suppressed.  I know from where I sit, an elephant is no match for me.  Would Brad, this 6'7" guy be able to deal with his natural reaction to be tamed around me unless and until I give the order otherwise, would he be able to handle the reality that he wants to give up all control of his mind and body to me and for no other reason other than he really wants to.  You decide.

My Solution or My Problem? I have been known to repeat certain sayings around here, one is that people are either part of the solution or part of the problem. I am here to make good films and reveal realities in human sexuality as they happen. Would Brad now be part of my solution and help me do that, or will this change things to the extent that Brad becomes a problem. Remember as I said earlier, everybody handles things differently.


Boss Boner works over-time in DVD #71, But my body and my cock are BUILT for this!

Bonus Boss Cam, Derek Atlas Lucky Bastard. While Derek was here to shoot DVD #70 Matt Pounds Derek, he and I spent time shooting for 3 days (see photos). During some down time he and I got into talking about future scenes with him and he asked about possibly shooting with me.

I shot this Boss Cam that is now bonus footage on the Epic release DVD #71, Game Changer. Derek sucks me deep and swallows my entire load sucking my head hard to get any cum left over in my dick! He gives a good fucking blow job let me tell ya, watch Derek become a lucky bastard online now.

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