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Brad's Lessons In Muscle Worship, The Making of Big Brad

Posted on 11/30/09

The Inside Story, Carlo Creating a Monster: A reality series, Muscle Mafia Style! As an authority in Muscle Worship, Brad looked to me to help him reach his goal of turning his body into a money making machine. I worked with him all summer, gave him the audience, the tools and the direction he needed to write himself a blank check here and go from crying poor to laughing to the bank. Read this post, then look for others along with newsletters and watch for 20 hours of video to be released all throughout the remainder of 2009 and all of 2010! You be the judge....A Muscle Mafia reality Mini-series don't miss it!! Subscribe to the Blog, Join our Mailing List

Private & Exclusive: I am very careful who I choose to join the crew.  I not only have my privacy to protect, but the privacy of everyone else here. This is why I don’t have thousands of movies mass produced and sold cheap and its why I don't offer extensive free clips or full frontal exposure that reveal too much. Those that follow us know our content is exclusive and know we are a privately run site whose guys are here to make money; we stand alone and have carved our own niche. We are aware there are other sites that have tried and failed and infact embarassed themselves trying to achieve what we achieved here. So carefully vetting anyone that comes our way can be a task. We are not porn stars or professionals; we are guys with things to loose, we have lives, careers, families, girlfriends and friends that as a rule know NOTHING about the underground we run here. We like to live life on the edge, push limits, and take a few risks. We deal with real people, with real lives and real situations. We truly are a unique sub-culture, this is why you reward our crew buy our movies and make donations to The Muscle Fund . You appreciate what we do and the way we do it. As a result of your appreciation (your worship) my growing crew of healthy, athletic hung studs like matt and myself take these great risks because they come with great rewards; it's a win-win for everyone. 

It was during this filming that I realized I might have earned another title, "Dr. Frankenstein" because it was then I realized I created a monster. This was another Brad milking where Mario our cock sucker from DVD 47 and 49 wanted to help fluff Brad up milk him into jar to save his cum, freeze it and save for later, but Mario wanted to shoot it outside.  Brad loved the idea and said "Let's do it!" and it became Scene 2 on one of our best sellers, 54 Blessings From Brad. Immediately after the last scene finished, I dropped the camera, and gave a very nake Brad a High-Five! and said, "Now that's what I'm talking about! Welcoem to The Muscle Mafia!! "

Life Changing: Most of our crew have been yanked right from their everyday lives, most have never heard of muscle worship, or if they have were never presented with an opportunity. Add to that this happens in front of cameras and then throw the cash rewards, gifts and perks we now have a recipe that is life changing. It is my job to separate the winners from the losers, see potential in new crew members, develop it, tweak it and extract that alter-ego and exhibitionist that unconciously lurks in every jock, and muscle guy who is 'blessed' with something worthy of worship and appreciation. What I do is provide a venue, the audience and all the tools necessary for guys to make the most out of those things they are 'blessed' with and teach them, or try to at least, how balance life 'outside The Muscle Mafia' with 'inside The Muscle Mafia'; easier said than done.

I saw this motivational saying while on a shoot this summer I thought it applied to what my guys do here and what you our viewers do here: A poor man is a man whose pleasures depend on the permission of others! Think about that, and think about how that applies to the subculture I have so carefully crafted here. Everyone here derives some sort of pleasure here!

Making of Big Brad:  Each of the guys have their own set of unique circumstances that brought them here, each ‘Blessed’ in their own way. Our most recent crew member this summer was Brad, (Big Brad). I liked his energy, I liked that he was willing to take direction and I liked his honesty about what he was into. I connected with Brad instantly and was compelled, with the approval of you our site followers to mold and mentor him into a top earner. So this summer, 2009 resulted in some pretty good shit which is about to be released and sold in all formats for a long time to come. You will get to know him as we did, and like every other guy here you will have your own opinion of Brad as a member of our crew.

Brad and I spoke early May, 2009; that phone call was motivated by a fan of our sites who knew Brad and was sure he would be interested doing this. I am always open to talking to anyone who might think they have something to offer us, not matter what it is. (

Over Grey Goose Vodka and Club (actually Brad does Sprite) we talked for a while. Brad was open and honest about his layoff and his need to pay bills, he was overdrawn at the bank; he didn’t even have money for parking and was feeding quarters to the parking meter outside. We talked for about an hour, I asked a series of questions to which his answers were clear and definite. In a nutshell, he wanted to be #3 behind Matt and me.


Big Enough? I told Brad what I tell every guy who has big ideas and big ambitions to be in Matt’s situation. It's a tall order to fill and I am not talking about height in inches. Brad at 6'7" tall, 240 pounds of muscle and a 9 inch cock certainly had the look, and it appeared the ambition, but did he know how to use it and was he 'big enough' to handle it. Life as you know it will change, I told him. This will require a lot of time and dedication on both our parts. If you have a serious relationship that will not allow you to be flexible and operate as a key player here, tell me now. Unless you are married to the love of your life, engaged to her or she gave birth to your children, I don’t work around girlfriends or flavors of the month unless they are paying you more then me or my muscle supporters are paying you. That line usually gets a good laugh out of every guy and their answers are almost word for word the same, “Yeah right, she just costs me money.” 

If you don't, someone else will! I tell it like it is, I am not here to break up relationships, ruin anyone’s life or fuck with anyone's head. I am here to make the movies my sites are famous for and make my guys money. Anything that distracts from that needs to be removed. If something will interfere with you being one of my top guys then maybe reaching for the top isn’t for you, the reality is someone is waiting in line right behind you to take advantage of an opportunity you either fuck up or pass up. Creating a top guy is a process, an evolution that starts with your first introduction to my site followers.  So in case any of you reading this wondered, your emails, your comments, but especially your muscle fund donation and DVD / Movie sales tells us who and what you want to see more of and what it takes to be a featured crew member.

This is about choices, cry poor, or laugh to the bank; you decide. Brad made it clear what his choice was and as long as he lived up to that commitment and his promises I would live up to mine; he would earn his rewards.

Let's Roll!: "I said you ready bud?" he held up his drink and said, "One more of these and I'm good to go."Ok" I said, then pull your car around give it to the valet and tell him to bill me." " My guys don't do parking meters." I want no distractions while I am filming, so running to a parking meter every 30 minutes was not gonna happen. This is one way I take care of my crew, I want them fed well, comfortable and free of outside distractions. That includes cell phones and text messaging on a shoot.

 From His Photo Album  From #48 Big Brad Hung and Tall

After our first shoot, the video from which became #48 Tall and Hung Brad’s Premiere, I could see this guy was like a race horse ready to run, my man wanted to show off his cock, wanted to sperm off anywhere he could and was very ready to accept my coaching. I could almost hear him growling and see the smoke from his nostrils waiting for me to turn him loose on the first cock sucker.

After the shoot, I walked Brad down stairs and I asked him this: “You with me bud?” “Yes Sir!”he said. I called Matt to fill him in on our new crew member. I left that evening to work my magic.  I began introducing Brad first privately to select VIP supporters (board members) and then publicly on the blog and newsletters. Like others before him and others after, I started the wheels in motion to develop his fan base and get your feedback.

Promises Made & Promises Kept: I am if nothing else, a man of my word, and along with my serious commitment to loyalty, is my personal vow to never make a promise I can’t keep. I told Brad his life was about to change in more ways then he could imagine, his blue eyes lit up and a smile stretched from here to ear. "Thank you Boss!"

So I stepped up and so did he. Although there were a few rough spots throughout the summer, Brad showed up eager, on time, ready for my direction and was always packing a big hard-on long before a scene ever began. I often joked with him, “Easy killer, I’ll cut you loose as soon as we get set up here.”

The New Crowned Prince: In just a little more than a month from that first shoot Brad was working on several film projects with me. Even with minimal site promotions he was getting the attention and feeling the generosity of blog readers and mailing list members; he was getting noticed. He began paying off his credit cards, paying past due bills and putting money in the bank. He was enjoying the rewards of his newly found position with The Muscle Mafia; 5 star+ restaurants and hotels suites, premium liquor, Limos, VIP treatment, shopping sprees, perks and bonuses too much to mention and he only just got started. Site followers are buying his workout gear, socks and underwear for more money than he made in a full 8 hour day. He was on his way to becoming a featured crew member or as some of you called him, our next "Crowned Prince".

Brad became a very important part of the inner workings of ‘Cosa Nostra’ (our thing) this summer. He absorbed my direction like a sponge and began to take on his own personality. I think Brad learned a lot about himself this summer and a lot about the concept of muscle worship and what turns him on about it; you get to watch it unfold on film, real, raw and unscripted as always.

Matt and Brad teamed up in a series of movies that ranged from tag teaming and double load feeding to a hot sweaty garage Bicep workout. In that the guys were inspired by muscle fund donations and got creative, Matt jerked Brad off with his flexed Bicep and Brad jerked Matt off with his size 14 feet, something for the foot lovers and a lot for those into watching sweaty pumped up muscle jocks blow loads. These guys definitely dumped a lot of sperm this summer.

When to be a Buddy, When to be The Boss: By July, Matt, Bard and I were deep in filming and creating his new role here. The 3 of us worked out together, hung out and had plenty of meals before during and after shoots on The Muscle Mafia expense accounts. These guys sometimes stayed at my place to making the shooting schedule easier and more productive. Most of the time I was a buddy, and other times I had to be “The Boss” I had to kick Brad in the ass a little, and sometimes I will admit I was pretty brutal on him. He fucked up a few times, and made some stupid decisions, more times than anyone else would have been allowed. I knew how bad he wanted this and you'll know too as you watch and listen to his films. Brad could not fight it, he was having fun here, making money and living out some incredible fantasies. Unfortunatley at times he allowed people and situations from 'the outside' distract him.

2 Worlds Collide: This is where my judgment is important; as I got to know Brad I realized he needed a bit more coaching than others in how to handle his new found fame as a muscle god and potential featured Muscle Mafia Crew Member. The money and gifts were becoming obvious to his friends and others around him. Their envy and need for his attention put a lot of pressure on Brad. For a guy whose world was nothing but straight before he stepped in front of my cameras adjusting to all of this and coming up with explainations to friends and family as to where he was going and with who was getting very stressful. This is where and when the 2 worlds collided, Brad was moving upward and onward, learning a lot and making friends here that had better things to do than drink all night and sleep all day. His diet, his workouts, and his body were no longer a hobby or something he did to get a few stares at the beach. He was beginning to learn the value of both what he was born with and what he built through his sacrafices and dedication at the gym. Maintaining a body worthy of worship now became tools of his trade and his bread and butter; fucking up was not an option. Brad's life was changing and changing fast, this needed to be handled carefully. I am sure his friends and/or girlfriend would have loved it if Brad had nothing to do but sit around keeping them company.

Advice From The Boss: My advice was, "You can't please everyone so stop trying, if you don't the only one that will be unhappy is you." Misery loves company and most people are too busy for success; too busy making excuses, complaining, wishing, dreaming or sitting around talking about everyone else who rather be a winner; its easier that way, then they don't have to take a look at themselves which could be a hard thing to handle. I was not suggesting this as as life time career, but use it as a stepping stone, bank the money, invest it, go to school, start a business set some goals. Be an achiever not a dreamer and if you are 'blessed' with these assets and the ability to have fun while using them, but be smart about it. Step over anyone or anything that gets in your way, there is more in my defintion of an alpha-male then just dominating, its also about controlling your own destiny and having the balls to go after success and life's pleasures "without the permission or approval of others." Choices and Decisions, Ask Nick : Perfect example, to name one was Nick from Jersey Muscle, DVDs 25, 26, 31, 32, & 36. He first said no to any nudity. That was until you guys, my following and loyal supports seduced his clothes off with Muscle Fund Donations, gifts and emails. Nick, like Brad learned quickly about Muscle Worship done our way and became a featured guy who couldn't give a fuck what anyone thought and it paid off for him, he all but hit the mega-lottery here. Then he made some stupid decisions and yes, depended upon the "opinions" and "permissions" of others by allowing some friends and a girl to throw him off track. Nick spent everything he made here and went from laughing to the bank to crying poor; and regrets letting a girlfriend or jealous fair weather gym friends influence his decisions. The fact remains his movies are made, they are here, viewed often and he has a huge fan base he quietly keeps up with through me. His decisions and his choices give him great agony when he has to say no to some opportunities. That created behind the scenes drama that today is known as The Jersey Muscle Story, one which will soon be told. Nick is a hugely popular crew member who I often use as an example for new guys. The events behind the scenes and during the making of The Jersey Muscle Series could easily be a very interesting reality show on Bravo. Forget the house wives of New Jersey, this was the Muscle Guys of New Jersey and believe me the house wives have nothing on the drama that took place and continues to take place between Nick, Mark, Jeff and Brian to this day. It's exclusive here and its coming!

Good Chemestry Makes Good Movies: Because of the friendship and the comfort level that was reached between Matt, Brad and me, it created good chemistry which meant we got some pretty interesting, and even HOT situations on film; some scenes will surprise you. You will watch how I taught a 240 pound, 6’7” guy learn how to use his power and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. 20 hours of film footage that will be released on DVD, and as online movies. Brad wanted to know about any and every situation or film idea so he could have first right of refusal; that is a privledge of a featured crew member as well.

So the summer we call The Making of Big Brad, will give you hours of erotic entertainment, and even more than usual as you read and understand the back story on each one. How it ends or better said, how it continues remains to be seen.  We start here because Brad is the most recent but there are other back stories of other crew members, projects and movies that are just as interesting and entertaining.

BLOCK BUSTER BRAD SELLERS... #57 and 58 I created a Monster for sure and Brad created a solid fan following for sure with his performances in these 2, Must see Muscle Mafia Films, among many others... Billy, The Muscle Mafia Champion cock sucker and bottom boy was flown up from College twice this summer and turned loose on Brad. Among other things, Billy ate Brads ass alive in some scenes, but Brad proved he listened to my coaching and did me proud when he turned the tables on Billy during the second filming and sent Billy flying back walk'n funny. (Hint!)

I thank you for your ongoing support and motivation for me and my crew.  Brad is one example among many, so keep it up and The Muscle Mafia will be around for a long time to come.

So regardless of who, what, where and how it all happens, or what I have to go through to make it happen, you benefit from all of it by way of our movies. Mailing list members will get additional inside information and will always be notified of new releases, deals and private movie offerings. 

My Favorite Word; "Next": Just keep in mind, while you are reading all this, and watching closely at every movie we release, we are working on the next project and the next crew member. As much as I prefer having crew members that stick around to grow with us some come and go and most that go usually ask to come back. I take each situation as it happens but as a rule I just keep moving forward and rarely look back, this is why we have grown so much and so fast. I am on a mission and that's no secret which is why these guys run with me. They won't get what they get here from any other company regardless of size, the most valuable being trust, good advice and if they are stand up guys, true friendship built from experiences and a bonds that come around once in a lifetime.

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BiiigStud 02/10/14
Carloo thanks for you ingenuity increating this fantastic oulet for professional straight gus to explore masculine sexuality in all its forms. What's even greater is that you give us a window into the lives and minds of the "Blessed" members of your family of stud brothers who halearned and grown with you. Because you have reached for and attained have inspired that success in many others. A great accomplishment...and contribution to the world. This is something our wives, girlfriends and gym buddies cannot offer
AlphaCraver 08/31/13
Great post Carlo! It's easy for viewers to get caught up in all the hotness on camera or just getting distracted by all the muscle and forgetting about the guy behind it. It's really interesting see how one of Your guys progresses through the journey of coming into his own with this part of his sexuality. A guy would have to be on top of his game not only physically and sexually, but also mentally, and it's obvious You're the guy to mentor them.