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Boss Conquest: Gavin, A Chess Game of Seduction, Checkmate, Victory, (#192 True Story)

Posted on 11/12/19

Gym Time, Game On: Every night around 7pm I walk into the gym, choose a locker, lock up my gym bag and hit the weight room.  Somewhere before, during or after that I would pass this guy, mid 20’s nice build, good looking but quiet, pretty much fit the description of most there.  However, this particular guy, Gavin, noticed me and wanted me to notice him back, he thought he was coy but I can smell a game a mile way; it was game on.  Read On..

The Chaperone, A Dead Give Away: The first sign a Straight guy might be looking for another guy is believe it or not he is with his girl in the gym.  This guy was usually working out with a girl, which I always thought was weird and here’s why.  Guys who come to the gym to workout with their girlfriends are hiding something or trying to suppress something that they might not otherwise be able to suppress if they were there alone.  This is not just my opinion but my experience.  You can feel the vibe if you are in tune to it, the girl is there to convince himself and others, he is straight.  A guys time in the gym is his time, or should be.  Have a wife, have a girlfriend do your own thing for an hour or so, it’s guy time, period.  A guy either has no balls or she is a smoke screen, either way, says something about him.   I am not saying this for "ALL" guys who workout with their girls but to me, just seems clingy and insecure, it is almost as if he is using her not only as a front but subconsciously as a chaperone.  He will hang on her, she will hang on him, they might kiss, flirt.  Come ON! Men who are secure about their sexuality DON"T do that, its done for show.  It's a cat and mouse game, a chess game some guys play, because if they get caught looking or cruising, well he is with his girl, he really isn't cruising. This also says something about the stupidity of the girl, but that's another blog post.  I have seen it before and my gut instinct is never wrong (Charlie, Brandon, Jimmy to name a few you have seen here) I have statistics that back it up.  Here it is again, Keep Reading…

The Attitude Switch, Like Blood In The Water: So, as this guy is working out (with his girl that is) he is looking over at me, if I catch him looking he looks away and makes himself look busy.  If I was in the locker room he appears, seems to linger as if he wanted to say something; usually with his girl standing guard outside the locker room waiting for him..odd!.  Screms if insecurity from both of them. If I would catch them on the way out, his demeanor changed, his vibe was no longer submissive, but instead now with her, he projected a more alpha image.  Dead fucking give away that a guy is looking to submit.  He can play the man in charge with her, but with a guy like me, he wants to give up control; he probably doesn't understand it himself.  Again, I have become an expert on this type and and smell it like a shark smells blood in the water.

Side-Eye Cruising: One day wrapped in a towel, I was on my way into the shower, he was there, now he had that more submissive locker room vibe again, checking me out, side eye.  I ignored him, shut my locker and didn't even acknowledge he was there as I proceeded to walk toward the shower.  He didn't want to be ignored, so he stopped me to ask meaningless questions about my ab workout, then ask who cuts my hair, we had small talk, he told me his name was Gavin, done and over.  As if all that was so important then and there, do you really think I thought that was about my unique hair cut?  No,  my gut told me otherwise, just like it did for Brandon and others.  Whatever,  So I’m thinking maybe I  made a new casual gym friend… maybe.  It's not the first time that has happened and most I kinda like fucking with but never open myself up for them to get anything more than nervous meaningless questions so they can go home and jack off in a frustrated cold sweat. 

Confused, Dual Personality: Then the next time he sees me he is with his girl again, but looks right through me, ghosts me, walks right past me like he never saw me before in his life.  We just spoke a few days ago on my way into the showers.  Yet Other times he would make more small talk, ask more workout questions and even got more inquisitive asking questions like “You married, where you live, you have a girl?  I began to see a pattern, I noticed he was only speaking to me when his girlfriend wasn’t in the gym but he was definitely trying to tell me something.  Whatever I don’t play games and if I do I always win but it was too easy, way to easy so I just dismissed him, gave him a quick head nod hello and never engaged in any conversation, I followed his lead on that.  I figured he would eventually break down and he did.

He Breaks, The Seed is Planted: Then one workout, he was again alone, I pretty much ignored him, I left the gym was getting in my car and saw him in his car pulling out.  However I saw him U-Turn, come back around, stop next to my car, “Yo my man, looking good!”  He said “Nice Car!” and more small talk, so I said, “Where’s your girl man, you have a lot to say when she isn’t around.” He ignored my comment, but did say, “Oh she is in Brazil visiting her family for a few weeks." "Maybe we can get a workout in.” 

Ahhhhh now it makes sense, (see where this is going) so cell numbers were exchanged, he hit me up 2 days later, we did a couple workouts, normal for the most part, but I felt like I was being interviewed, but thats ok, I knew the deal by now and knew exactly how to answer the questions. I mind fucked him and he didn't even know it.  So now during one workout he says, “A guy like you no girl?” “You must be a player”.  My answer… “I have a girl, nothing serious because I don’t limit myself, I don’t like limits, I will try anything once if Im enticed.”  “ I feel you” he says.  I said, “You can feel me bro, but not on the gym floor”.  “You have the number.”  I just planted the Seed! (true story guys, that's how I roll).

1st Random Late Night Text: 3 days later, Saturday night 12:30 a.m., my phone goes off its a text; It’s Gavin,

Text reads:

Gavin: “Yo bro out with buds drunk as fuck what ya doing? ” (That with a few unintelligible texts followed).

Boss: “It’s almost 1 a.m. Im doing some work, about to shower for bed, why whats up.”  

Gavin: “NM (meaning not much) you live alone?”  

Boss: “Yeah why?”

Gavin: “Curious that’s all”

Boss: “Ok bud, so that’s it?”  

Gavin: “Nah” “Can’t walk into my house wasted, can I come over and chill?”  

Boss: “Sure dude, tell my doorman you are here to see me he will let ya up.  

Gavin: “Cool” “Calling an uber leaving the bar now”

Blocked to Block it Out: He showed up, nervous, pacing but def intoxicated.  He asked to shower.  Im thinking WTF?  Ok, sure, I gave him a towel, showed him how to work the shower heads, he was in the shower 20 fucking minutes before he came out in his boxers and sat on my couch.  The end result is the dude choked on my dick and swallowed a load, he jerked off on his chest.  He cleaned up, dressed and left. I didn't here from him for a week after, and frankly I didn't make much of an effort either but when I didn't see him at the gym I texted to make sure he was all good; my number was blocked.  Funny actually but what do you expect? My gut reaction and first thought was what a coward, but then thought, he'll be back!  I didn't take it personally, blocking me was not about me it was about him, rather an attempt to block the situation from his mind; until the next time he gets the itch.  I knew he would be back.

He's Back..The Next Text: About a week later, I get a text, it’s him, he is buzzed again, same thing “Yo dude, can I stop by?”  This time he sends me some photos of himself.  I see another pattern emerging.   He came by, almost the same scene but he got to it much quicker, feeling my pecs, sucking me off  and swallowing another load.  This time more verbal,  talking about how he wants to “experiment”,  saying things like "big cock dude"  and wondering what it would be liked to be fucked by his "Gym Crush" (his words, not mine).  Apparently he wasn't able to "block" it from his mind, he was giving some thought.  He left my place again with cum and alcohol on his breath.  Yet one more text that night on his way home.  “Dude please delete those photos”. and then I was once again blocked. (funny) now I know Im in this guys head big time, he will be back.

Back Again, My Ultimatum: The next time I got his late night text or any text from him for that matter, I called him out, and told him to play games with someone else.  Realizing he was going to loose his fantasy, he told me he would step it up he wanted to try getting fucked by what he called "His Stud"; ok so now Im his stud LOL.  That’s nice, but on my terms dude, my way or no way.  He agreed to my terms, allow me to release photos and video no face and he would make some serious money for an hour doing what he wanted to do anyway.  Fantasy for him, business deal for me, hot real, raw and unscripted content for you! That became #192. After the filming, it was I who blocked him!  Haven’t seen him in the gym.  Maybe he was embarassed by what he said and did on film, who knows.  But in this game of chess, he was the pawn, I was the king as always....Checkmate!

I bet if I hit him up, he will drop what he is doing and drop to his knees again, boy is thirsty, watch his eyes, here what he says, watch his body language in this film.  #192 Gavin, Fucked and Blocked.

Update:  As of the day this was released, I text Gavin, he joined another gym.  Unless he gets cold feet he says he has been laying low and would be into hanging out again. He knows my terms.

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insanelas 11/22/19
Amazing story Boss! Reading this makes me aroused! Thanks for the great story!