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Sexual Fantasy : The Making and rerelease of DVD #10 Giant Muscle Matt

Posted on 09/29/08

Domination, Alpha-Male, Fetish Cult Movie... Your first reaction is why? This is the weirdest thing, but not really, read on you might get it, but regardless, like watching a train wreck you just gotta see it, even if for a little bit.  Every time Matt and I see clips of this film or see the photos he and I smile and both admit it was very HOT to make.  Then we read another email asking for it, or see another paid request come in and we always shake our head and say “Son of a bitch, they love that Giant DVD!”

Giant Muscle Matt, a Superior Force is a blast!  We have made many custom DVDs, special requests and private movies for groups or individuals.  This was one film that you can never forget.  We are re-releasing this DVD and making it available as a specially priced full featured DVD you can own and take home or as downloads split into 3 separate scenes.  This is a little of the back story on this production, I hope you find it fun to read, but even more fun and more erotic to actually watch!

The most interesting part of having these sites is meeting people with all sorts of turn-ons and fetishes.  We never knew that there was entire huge community of men who call themselves ‘macrophiles’.  From talking to macrophiles and doing our research on the fetish, here is a definition and an understanding of what that is.  Frankly, it is not far off from domination; macrophilia refers to sexual fantasy and mental imagery involving fictitious giants, in this case a giant muscle god.  This includes metamorphic fantasies; powerful giant men and submissive smaller men being overpowered by a giant.  It is domination ramped up towhere the turn on is destruction, giant feet stomping and crushing things, feet in sandals,  rage.  The erotic vision of a huge man bound and chained, that morphs into a huge giant, breaks the chains and goes on a rampage.

The best example is the story of “The Hulk” tearing out of his clothes and morphing into a powerful alpha-male that could not be stopped.  This was very interesting to us, and admittedly very erotic for Matt. (see his words below)

We were contacted by the moderator of several of these groups and said that his community around the world has been desperately searching for the right guys to create their ultimate fantasy film.  They contacted me, and made a special request that Matt be the giant.  They said his famous big cum shots would be perfect for certain scenes and from what they had seen of our movies, we had the creativity and quality to make it happen.

The Sky Scraper Scene, they loved when the Giant said "Fuck Corporate America" and stuck is big dick in the building. Then blew a load all over it!! 

The groups and their members agreed to pay Matt and purchase everything needed for the film as long as we included all of the elements that turned on the group members; the very things that the macrophile community commonly fantasized about but never got to actually see… until now. They also agreed to our condition, that if the DVD was good enough we would offer it to our website following. DEAL!

Four months in the making, the moderator of these groups invested several thousand dollars of his own money, plus the contributions from group members to build a full model town with model train set buildings that included, city hall, churches, homes, streets, cars, trees, a water tower, a Howard Johnson’s etc.  They also bought a skyscraper to represent big corporate America, and a fully furnished Victorian doll house for the giant to stomp, crush, smash, jerk-off and piss on.

It was our creative thinking, editing and camera work to make it look as real as we could.  We (Matt, Anthony, Billy and myself) spent hours setting it up, photographing it, buying more buildings and making sure we knew exactly what to do.  With a budget like this, we could crush this town only once so there was no room for error.

We spent may late nights and weekends organizing this and had some pretty good laughs. But all agreed that after the laughs died down, this concept was very cool! We tool it serious so that we could deliver on our promise.

We got three scenes that added up to just under an hour.  Scene 1: The Giant Breaks loose and seeks revenge on the town.  Scene 2: The giant goes to the city to crush corporate greed and fuck the sky scraper of bankers and wall street execs that fucked us for so long and Scene 3: A rampage on a farm house where the giant cums all over the house.

Smashing an entire Farmhouse then the giant jerks off on the female doll in the house and pisses all over the Howard Johnsons. "Here's my Johnson!!" 

It was released to the groups first for $59.95 and received rock-star status.  We could not keep them in stock.  The word spread among other macrophile groups all over the world, and then eventually to those that who never knew what macrophilia really was.  DVD #10, Giant Muscle Matt A Superior Force reached all fetish groups: feet, muscle, strength, gay and straight.  It was even picked up and reviewed by legitimate websites that were also reviewing multi-million dollar Hollywood films.  They saw it not as an adult film, but an independent film with a cult following. This kicked off a stampede of visitors to that may not have otherwise heard of us; many of them loyal DVD buyers who still follow us and buy from us today.

Some bought the DVD just to see what all the talk was about and to see Matt play this roll.  This is a lot of fun to watch  It will make you laugh, it will arouse you, it will amaze you, and it will make you think…God these guys really did an awesome job!

The DVD was a limited release, then it was pulled and put in The Vault and sold by private request only.  We got mail often asking, “Hey wasn’t there a movie you guys did with a giant?”  “How can I get that?” Its now in the theaters, all 3 scenes the entire movie!


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