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Keith 50! How The Muscle Mafia Changes Lives and Influences People

Posted on 10/13/12

Its never too late to realize or at least admit you like to suck and service hot young muscle jocks, and its never too late to discover that urge has a name, Muscle Worship!  So it was his stroke of good fortune that while searching for information on this life style and fetish he found us, The Muscle Mafia, the known authority on muscle worship.  

I have written often about Crew Members having to juggle 2 worlds and 2 lives. That is part of my job here as Boss, to “create” these guys and mentor them on not only their diets, workouts and film presence but also how to best handle all that will change once they step in front of my cameras.  This is a life changing experience and if done right, the way I say, it can be an amazing and positive change.  Kyle is the most recent example and one my latest creations still in progress. But beyond just The Crew members, The Muscle Mafia as a concept, and a sub-culture of society has influenced and affected the quality of life and the beliefs of those that follow us as well; it is a life style! Keith is one example of a follower and movie buyer who, to use his words has “drank the Kool-Aid” of The Muscle Mafia and got my message.

Keith's Story: Keith comes from a prominent southern family, the golden child; a very fit, 50 year old 6’2 well-built guy.   He was always an athlete, always watched his diet and always worked out.  A husband and a father of 2 at 50 years old he could give guys in their 20’s a run for their money and guys his age a lesson on how to age gracefully.

Keith photo sent in by IPhone (above) Keith photo sent in by IPhone (above)

He and his wife often called “Ken and Barbie”, he had what appeared to be the perfect life. But he admits finding us and discovering muscle worship profoundly changed his life, a life he says began at 50. Keith has a story to tell and fantasies to fulfill, and now he has a place to do it all; right here!

Keith was a silent fan for several months until late April 2012 when he emailed me his compliments on  He complimented the obvious at first, the movies, the photography and The Crew, the things that pretty much affect everyone when they come to the site.  But he also complimented me on something that he was far more impressed with, something less obvious, the social and therapeutic benefits that my creating this underground has had on him and others like him; his email intrigued me, and after a few emails we spoke and eventually met.

Words From The Boss Hit Home: Our meeting was his suggestion inspired by a few things I said during some of those conversations when he asked me my honest opinion on some of his recent personal and life altering realizations.  I don’t think he was aware what he was in for when he asked or how my words would profoundly change his life and his view of his sexuality and self-image.

In short, he told me how he had become obsessed with watching our movies and reading the blog and how after what he estimates as 3 years trying to “find” himself he finally found The Muscle Mafia and  Most would have taken that as a compliment and thanked him and I did, but I followed it with this statement:

Don’t spend your time trying to “find” yourself, spend your time creating yourself; there is a big difference.

We had several other conversations through text and phone calls on many subjects, another was success and wealth. 
But after time, I laid this one him:
A poor man is a man whose pleasures depend on the permission of others.
In other words, all that southern snobbery, and the stifling rules of what a southern gentleman was supposed to be might be rewarding him certain luxuries but it was robbing him of the one luxury every man should have and that’s the luxury to be you or at least know who “you” are and accept it. Keith was struggling with the reality that he was very turned on by the concept of The Muscle Mafia and muscle worship.  He was privately tortured by urges he never dealt with or could relate to until he saw it from a different perspective; mine.
Keith Makes Things Happen with Contributions to The Muscle Fund Keith is Co-Cock Sucker and Co Trainer in #78 Cock Sucker Academy 3, Jason's Private Lesson With Carlo

Supporting The Message and The Cause: He thought a guy who had these thoughts had to be gay, and that being gay meant you had to be some bar fly, or some variation of Liberace or Richard Simons.  That is the media’s fault; and it was what he thought, “I can’t be, I’m not like that” so he suppressed it because he did not fit that mold. His self-admission and his curiosity caused him to look on the Internet.  Everything he saw disgusted him, “Not me he thought” “Not masculine”, “not real.” he was turned off and nauseous at some of what he found in some gay blogs, gay porn and muscle worship; until he found us.

So Keith, energized by things done Muscle Mafia Style, and knowing we were turning 10 in November, wanted to be a part of this organization and help contribute in any way financially or otherwise to help this thing grow and keep this thing going for decades more.

Reminded of The Impact: We do our thing here; I film, photograph and release it to the website. After it’s released, I’ m already thinking about the next project or idea.From where I am, unless someone posts a comment or emails me directly we never know who is watching, reading or browsing our site or blog.  Some just prefer to silently enjoy and say very little, their repeat movie purchases make them loyal buyers; and that says it all.

Others however, are not so silent and are very clear just how much The Muscle Mafia impacted their lives and how to some it is more than just a group of guys making films. We are a movement, truly a sub-culture one that is far more normal and frequent then most would think. Without realizing it our sites have become a social network and that I send a message directly and indirectly through my blog posts, film descriptions and the films themselves; apparently I influence people’s view of sexuality.  I often forget this until someone like Keith causes me to stop and realize just how much of an impact what I do here has.

Spread The Word: There are thousands of “Keiths” out there; who through my brutal honesty and mentoring have been able to feel good about their very private and very secret desires to have contact with muscular masculine alpha males.  Keith and others like him admit men like me and members of my crew are a rare find or almost non-existent and they don't take that for granted. Yes we are a rare breed but there are other guys like me and my crew out there they just haven't found us yet,  or if they have they haven't contacted me yet.

Yes Keith knows about escorts, porn stars and questionable places men might go to meet other men, and he has done them out of desparation and a need to validate himself. I believe you get what you pay for or at least you should that' s why he believes my message and The Muscle Mafia needs to be known to everyone so that others in all areas and at all levels of finding their sexuality and their alter ego can find us.The urge to explore his muscle fantasy caused him great stress worrying if he were to make one wrong move or meet just 1 wrong person it all could blow up in his face.  That’s what brought him here, and it was what I write and how I do things, our strict code of silence that gave him the peace of mind and the common interests he could not find anywhere else. So help us spread the word to let potential crew members and guys like you and Keith know, word of mouth is always a good thing.

The Need To Trust and be Discreet: I have heard this before, I have mentioned that many celebrities, public officials, professional sport figures, college jocks and students and men who run huge public businesses all have the same fears as Keith and have contacted me and even met us.  But you don’t have to be a celebrity or a real estate mogul to have enough self-respect to want to do things privately and discreetly.  You just have to reward yourself with the luxury of knowing what you are into, accepting it and enjoying it.

Keith Having Drinks with Matt (Future Release) #76 Keith Gets a Load From Kyle
Keith Gets a Drink of Matt at The Bar (Future Release) and worshipping Brad (Future Release)

So as a result of his financail support and encouraging story, Keith and I became good friends.  I respect his sincere willingness to contribute and support us in any way he can, in fact I am honored as I am by everyone who chooses to use their hard earned money to buy our movies, donate to our muscle fund and support our cause and social impact.  Through his generosity and financial contributions he was able to explore his fantasies and enjoy on going Boss loads, and through my influence was able to enjoy swallowing the loads of Matt, Brad and Kyle.  Some of these cock worship session are captured on film and set for release; some were not and were his reward for his generosity.  For a bit while funds were flowing so were Boss loads and he became an expert on how to work my cock, edge it and milk me out for my relaxation.  This is why he was perfect as Co- Cock Sucker and Co-Trainer in Cock Sucker Academy 3, he help teach Jason well!

I am here to tell you, once again that labels only matter on your food and your clothes, gay, straight, top or bottom and all those stupid boxes people insist on putting themselves in do not exist. But what does exist, at least here is a fluid open and healthy sexual experience, a bonding without judgments and labels.  It’s the secret that makes it so erotic, as long as you do not allow society or yourself to make that secret a burden.  Isn’t masculinity all about being man enough to know what you want and knowing how to get it?

Make it Happen: You will meet Keith in films, and see some of what his contributions have helped to develop here.  Keith had a roll along with me and others who made donations to The Muscle Fund, in providing some of the money needed to film, photograph and bring Kyle to The Muscle Mafia. Keith also wanted to be the cock sucker on call, the very first to worship and seduce Kyle. He also asked to meet and film with both Brad and Matt!

Keith spent the summer meeting with me and working with me on many concepts and ideas I had for current and future crew members and films.  He became comfortable with the fact that he wanted to service and worship me as The Boss. He learned well as you see from just some of the future releases, Keith is no longer timid about sucking cock, servicing a stud and swallowing, not just any load but quality loads, now known to him as Brotein.  He enjoyed many milkings of my dick and the other crew members.

There are thousands of Crew Members in waiting just like Kyle and everyone before him that we need to find and bring here. We need more guys like Keith who believe in us enough to contribute and help support the process of not only bringing new crew members here but keeping them here.  Unfortunately just buying films is not enough, and for some not satisfying enough; they want to be more involved, more interactive and the magic of the Internet provides that.

As we go into our next 10 years and beyond expansions and new directions are planned and needed, but like any other organization out there we need the means to make it happen.  We need your support on all levels financially, ideas, locations, help in filming, but most of all promotions to get the word out.  Every dollar counts and every contribution counts whether its financial, or helping to bring a concept or a film idea to life!



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Timsyd 07/27/18
I am a newbie to this site, but I just love what I have read here. Boss Carlo really gets men and their sexuality, and the need to provide a safe space where a guy can really just be himself. Whether he enjoys being worshipped or being the cocksucker (and I understand a bit of where Keith has come from), a guy needs to be able to reach out. Even if it is just to talk with another guy. I love how intelligently and compassionately Boss Carlo has brought Keith on a journey of discovery. Bravo Boss, Bravo Keith.
jocknfit 12/17/13
Really great to see a guy like Keith! He's like so many of us who find another side of themselves when they see this site and get to see their true fantasies lived out. The preview of his scene with Matt looks great!
axel7244 10/17/13
This statement is one of the most enlightened statements of men's sexuality I've read in a very long time. It addresses the truly complex nature of "men having sex with other men". I am glad this site creates a safe place for people to "find themselves" as well as develop a higher understanding through encounters with like minded individuals. We live in an age when gender and issues of sexuality have become divisive and power driven. As a result, men and women seek different things from sex and relationships. These days, men may seek out and explore newer unconventional avenues to rediscover and awaken their primal masculine power and the source of their own higher Self. Muscle worship is not just an exercise in ego gratification. It is a ritual (as the word "worship" implies) allowing men to discover the strength and beauty they possess in themselves and each other. It is the ultimate act of male bonding, Self discovery and personal validation most needed at this time.
AlphaCraver 09/01/13
Loved reading this post. Keith's story, although different from mine, is something I can really relate to. I especially appreciated Your words about not finding yourself but creating yourself. That's a process I'm just starting to do for myself now. The alpha male perspective You bring to things is so valuable for subs such as myself to hear. Thank You for that!
serv10023 07/11/13
Boss, reading this, I think I was the hardest I've ever been on your site, and that is saying alot. I have seen your Cocksucker Academy films, they are my dream fantasy. However, hearing this story about Keith is amazing and inspirational. You are changing lives, wow! I'd live to hear from Keith himself, what an amazing journey to fulfillment through the Muscle Mafia! Thank you! -Serv