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DVD #76 Released, Kyle Worshipped and Seduced!

Posted on 10/13/12

Since Kyle's Blog post and the updates to about 2 weeks ago comments to the blog and emails can't wait to see Kyle in action! Lots of questions about what he was going to do and who was he going to do it with. 

Here is your answer, #76 Kyle Worshipped and Seduced, His First Time! I paired Kyle up in this one with Keith as the worshipper and cock sucker, a guy with a unique story and circumstances (read his blog post) Keith helped finance some of Kyle's shoots this summer and after seeing his photos he was very happy to meet, worship, seduce and take a very big muscle load from Kyle.

#76 is a good one; a double first time release, the first time movie buyers will get to meet and see both Keith and Kyle in action. I am excited for them and I am excite for all the website followers and movie buyers who are very happy to see Kyle become a member of The Muscle Mafia.

As a follow up to Kyle's blog post and photo album I will say that Kyle is reading every comment and I am letting him know about every email I get regarding him and his future with The Muscle Mafia.

Kyle has shot other films with us, will be shooting more and intends to get on Boss Cam and get a little crazy with me in all kinds of scenes and circumstances that will all be part of some of our next releases and the next decade here with The Muscle Mafia.

So, please post your comments, you honest reviews, any suggestions for films with Kyle because he is bouncing on here often to check out what everyone has to say.

So go get #76, rent it watch it now or choose the lifetime option and watch it over and over as long as you are a member of!

This is released right on the heels of #75 Boss Pounds Chez, A Night To Remember which is still setting fire to the servers and slamming me with comments and emails! As always, very much appreciated and very motivating to me and all the guys!

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