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Boss Conquest: Evan, #193 Construction Quid-Pro-Quo

Posted on 12/23/19

The Vibe: We meet people in the strangest places under the strangest circumstances; which was the case with Evan.  But what really attracts people to other people, either as friends, business associates or even friends with benefits?  One word, “vibe” or a persons energy.  It wouldn’t be the first time I was told that my vibe or energy was one of confidence and strength and that is what Evan said after he got to know me. But it was his vibe that threw me a couple hints that his interest in who I was went beyond making a new friend.

It all started when a neighbor sold their place and it was being renovated before the new owners moved in.  Evan was one of the contractors.  I first met him when he was looking for the property and I directed him to the house.   

The Dance: After the closing I started seeing Evan almost every day, it was summer, often times he would have the front door open and the windows open so I would pass and see him working in the unit.  Various days, various times.  Sometimes on my way to and from the gym, gym clothes, tank tops, t-shirts whatever I wore.  Other times, I would be in shorts or sweats, sneakers no socks or even bare feet taking out the garbage. We exchanged hellos, sometimes stop make small talk but his English wasn’t that good he was from Brazil. He would usually bring up workout questions; “You strong boy” “How I get that way”.  I felt a vibe, and as you know by now my 6th sense is never wrong, so it was game on, time to turn up the heat, taunt and tease in only the most masculine way; Boss style.  He got more comfartanbe and became more intrigued. I think because of the language issue he didn’t always know what to say but he did make it obvious when he said “You no married, no girlfriend” I said, “I see girls but I keep my options open”

The Conquest: It was about a month later, no one was living in the house yet but he was working there daily.
I never shit where I sleep, this was too close to home so I weighed my options and handled this very carefully, but I nailed it. I wore a pair of sweats, no underwear and stopped in to see how the job was coming; it wasn’t 15 minutes before Evan was sucking my dick.  Another perfectly executed conquest.

A Friend With Benefits Caught on Cam: He was cautious at first, but even after he finished his work for my neighbor he and I would hang out once in a while.  I mentioned making extra money to him by coming on cam, he wasn’t too into it at first.  But the more and more he got to know me the more he wanted.  He wanted to get fucked, he said he was on prep, showed me a recent blood test and made it clear he wanted me to be the one.  Since he wouldn’t go on cam just yet I asked him what I would get out of it, he offered to do some work in my place in exchange for fucking.  I knew eventually he would agree to a cam, so we “traded talents” as they say.  

It was a hot set up, it was real, raw attraction one I told him that not only would make great film but that being watched would really ramp up the intensity.  Evan has a huge man crush on me and to be honest he is a hot fucker, very sexual dude, enough so that I broke a few rules and pushed a few limits as you will see.  Eventually about 3 months into our friendship he agreed to go on cam, #193 Construction Quid-Pro-Quo was the first of only 2 cams (so far) and is now VIP Only.

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Flinn_H 12/30/19
Really fascinating background story , just imagining the *hinted* foreplay of sending signals to each other was hot especially since this is on that gray area of trying not to shit where you sleep. But man, going with that vibe definitely seemed worth it. Video was hot as always Boss and definitely good to see some lower mask come off with a reveal of that nice shape up.
xracer 12/23/19
I love these stories Boss, really sets up the film and makes it so much more enjoyable. 193 is on fire, you are a fucking stud and would love to read more of these.