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Justin Tortured by a Sexual Oreo Cookie

Posted on 06/11/18

This gets a little into the mind of Justin, the star of #159 Seducing Justin and the countless guys like him that I have encountered.  Justin like millions of red blooded American Males have fantasies and thoughts, some thoughts and some fantasies go without expression and fulfillment which over time can torture a man’s mind as well as his ego and leave him unsatisfied and frustrated.  

Justin is just one example of those tortured by conflicted thoughts  between “normal” heterosexual life and something he fantasized about in his mind, those thoughts often made him feel “abnormal”.  Tortured, as I use it here is not a negative thing, but much like the feeling you get when you are on a diet and just want to dive into that box of Oreo cookies.  You know you want to, but can’t and will hate yourself after.  Like others, he thought the situations that were being played out in his mind didn’t exist until he confided in a friend, a fan of our site. That friend suggested he take a look at our site, he did, and then it clicked, his private thoughts and fantasies were very normal after all, which rid him of his misconception that he was alone in these feelings and that if he did “dive in” or “indulge” he wouldn’t hate himself after.  Justin decided to contact our site (me) through email and include selfie photos and video clips. He and I spoke and was eventually invited to meet us and go on camera, that meeting became #159.  But like many of our films, there is a back story and a much deeper meaning if you can find it.

His attraction to a certain sexual experience (total service by a cock sucker and what he how learned to be muscle worship) is a perfectly normal fetish but it was something he never fully admitted to himself, let alone spoke about openly or even knew existed anywhere other than in his mind.  He knew he wasn’t gay because he was completely satisfied with the heterosexual sexual experiences of his life; in fact he has a girlfriend.  Much like the craving of that Oreo cookie that might taunt and torture someone on a strict diet, his need to satisfy some other sexual experience taunted and tortured him.  Just jerking off thinking about it was getting old and boring, and like some dietary knock off of that Oreo cookie it was unsatisfying, it just wasn’t doing it for him.   

His mind would flash back and forth from 2 separate but equally tormenting fantasies. On one hand the ego trip of being fully and completely serviced by another guy, no reciprocation expected and on the other him fully and completely servicing a guy that was physically and mentally superior to him; in other words him submitting to an alpha he admired and aspired to be like.

His story told first to me in photos and videos is one that has been told to me by countless guys like him, who somehow find us and think, “holy shit this is exactly what I like and exactly how I feel.”  They either relate to the cock sucker or the alpha crew member, or both.  Although Justin was geographically located about 2 hours from us, others are not but still feel the need to express their thoughts and fulfill unfulfilled fantasy and needs but can’t risk posting or sending their photos / videos to anyone other than me (us).  They can’t risk being recognized and had no idea that such a safe place like The Muscle Mafia existed.  Here there are no judgements, hang-ups and no pressure to box yourself into any label or preference. It is the discretion of our site, overseen by me (The Boss) and all I do to maintain our code of silence that inspires the “Justins” of the world to finally release their tortured mind and just do it. Somehow people do things and reveal things here and to me through film, photos and email that they wouldn’t anywhere else and that’s because they feel normal, still feel masculine and feel protected and not alone.  They feel that if they engage in their fantasy, they don’t have to consider themselves gay, straight or anything else other than just a sexual being who, like any other human being in any other situation, experiences cravings.  

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klohe 07/18/18
I am one of those guys, this is exactly what I am into. I relate to Justin's torture and for me this is one of the hottest films on the site. You really know the mental state of mind of your viewers and your niche Carlo and it shows in every word you write, every scene you film even the graphics and banners on the site. It all appeals to true masculine men who just happen to be into other masculine men.