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Making Christmas Wish 2013

Posted on 12/21/13

There is a lot of preparation that goes into special events, especially Christmas Wish.I receive emails all year long with wishes from movie buyers and supporters all over the world, and I read each one. The start of organizing a Christmas Wish film usually begins in August, depending on circumstances and schedules; that process could continue right up to the very last minute.  Even the crew has their preparation process dieting and getting ready for the big day, shoot time..... 

Anthony became a made man in The Muscle Mafia on October 4, 2013.  His photos and first film from #89 Anthony's Locker Room Blow Job, Pete's Nose Bleed, made "The Hot List"; he became a hit.  When I choose this year's wish Brad was by far the most requested since he had never been in a Christmas Wish and wishes with Matt are without question non-stop; but Anthony was also specifically named for Christmas Wish 2013. 

When I told Anthony, he asked me to personally work with him for the next 6-8 weeks in preparation for this shoot; I agreed with 1 condition "ya gotta do what I say".

I revamped his diet, workouts, supplements and weight lifting execution and form. Anthony was more than committed, he packed on size gaining over 8 quality pounds with more vascularity and definition. He was camera ready by shoot day and work effortlessly with Brad who has worked with me since 2008! Anthony earned this spot and took it seriously!


I wish a few other things went off as planned as Anthony's new gym regimen.  Before shoot time actually comes, things change, and when you are dealing with real, unscripted films as we do, they can change even during filming.  However, for something like Christmas Wish, an event most movie buyers wait for and ask about all year long it is the one film that has to, without fail, get done and released on time!  Locations, crew, “The Wish” it self, and so many other things can be negotiated and worked out but there is one slight variable that can play a very important role for the filming of this film and others; Mother Nature!

On many shoots I have battled severe heat, extreme cold, wicked thunder and lightening storms, power outages, and anything else that goes with certain weather conditions. I even dealt with Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, a super-storm the worst in east coast history that came very close to canceling last years Christmas Wish.  But, some last minute “Boss” decisions and the determination of the crew and movie buyers themselves #79 Christmas Wish 2012 Kyle Tears Jason up, Bruise, Use, Bong and Bang! (love the title) like all the other Christmas Wishes, was filmed and released with great success.

This year 2013 was no different, I had a Christmas Wish chosen, “Cal” a very loyal movie buyer and site supporter was about to have his wish granted.  Cal requested Brad and Anthony with a few specifics he wished for.  Over-all his wish was to meet me and his choice crew members watch from the inside how things happened.  I made the arrangements and the date to film Christmas Wish was set for mid-December.  Everything worked perfectly, Anthony and I spent the week before getting everything together and everything was piled up ready to load and take to the location; sounds easy and going as planned.  

On the ride there, Anthony and I braving wind, ice, sleet and snow!  Miserable weather, at this time all I was thinking was let's get through this shoot! Then it came down heavier, and the wind picked up.  Plows were out, hazzardous driving warnings were posted.  Now I'm getting concerned for Cal coming in from PA and Brad from the north (were it was actually worse). Anthony and I stopped off to pick up gallons of water and a couple other things.  The water was another essential part of Cal's wish!

Yet mother nature had other things in mind when a Nor-easter storm came through the exact weekend we were shooting Christmas Wish.  High winds, sleet, know, ice and rain.  Driving was treacherous, visibility was nearly impossible.  Cal was hours away driving from his home state of Pennsylvania, Brad had a 45 minute drive from where he was and Anthony and I were hauling bags and boxes, luggage, camera equipment, film lights, christmas lights, and about a half dozen delicate poinsettia plants to shoot the holiday cover!  I could not have gotten all that done on a rotten day like that with out Anthony’s help.

Just some of what we had to unload in the storm!  It was so ridiculous that if you didn't laugh you would cry!  We definitely laughed, especially when one of the wheels to the cart came off (not pictured) my only comment was, "What Next?" Box of Booze for a small bar and of course our traditional champagne toast.  None of us are really big drinkers but a drink was definitely needed once Brad made it!

It was pretty nerve wracking up to the last minute, Cal made it, but barely, Anthony and I were wet and cold and Brad was not sure if his car with performance rims and tires would even get out of his driveway.  But last minute, he borrowed his brother’s 4x4 and he was on his way.  That normal 45 minute ended up being double that.  Brad and I kept in touch by phone while Anthony, Cal and myself did what anyone would do and that’s eat!  We three went to dinner, and by the time we finished Brad was at the shoot location and Christmas Wish 2013 was in full swing!

Anthony on his solo shoot the night before. The sacrafices he made in diet and his dedication in the gym with me clearly shows.  Here he is 10 pounds heavier than his first shoot with me back in October.  He was looking awesome then, but when I asked him to be in Christmas Wish this year, he asked me to spend the time preparing him.  I did and followed my lead! Night 2, after Brad finally made it down, I pour him and drink and we went right into shooting for the holiday cover 2013!  Because of time restraints, some shots I wanted to get we had to eliminate but again, with their determination and desire to make this a success, we got more done than I thought. A shot with Anthony on night 1, by the time this shot was taken is was after 1 a.m. and we still had all of the next day to get through, the weather and the actual shoot.

So if not for Anthony and Brad and the determination of a cock sucker who wouldn’t have miss this opportunity for the world,  mother nature again was no match for us!  #92 Christmas Switch, Christmas Wish 2013 is now another film in the Christmas Wish Collection



This is a montage of 4 photos taken that night with Brad and Anthony.  This is the final image that made it as the holiday cover 2013 and based on your emails you love it!  Props again to Brad and Anthony!


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ChickenK 01/07/14
Anthony and Brad have gotta be the two hottest studs I've seen on any site anywhere...hopefully these guys stay huge, stay cocky and stay growing!