#92 Christmas Switch: Using and Abusing Cal, Christmas Wish 2013 -

Approx Run Time: 45 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 39


Muscle Mafia Tough!  In spite of mother nature’s refusal to cooperate Christmas Wish 2013 happened; another film added to the collection of Christmas Wishes (read the blog post: The Making of Christmas Wish 2013).

The Dangerous Duo...As I usually do I like to sum this up in a few short sentences before a longer description.    Because of the snow, sleet, wind and rain storm that pounded us this night tensions and aggressions where high and the obvious outlet was going to be our cock sucker and his wish this year.  Brad and Anthony laid out (literally) what was an evening of hilarious comments, holiday greetings and a winter wonderland of piss, cum, face fucking, verbal and physical domination done up Muscle Mafia style. These 2 were a lethal combination of almost 500 pounds of solid muscle.  Brad who just by standing there dominates a room and Anthony, a hot blooded Italian from the streets of New York can begin to rough you up by using his words and attitude. Both wanted to tag team “Switch” taking turns on Cal to give him not just what he wanted but exactly what they wanted too.  A win-win, everybody went home very “Merry”. 

The Wish...This was Brad and Anthony’s time to shine and they did just that.  After we all collected ourselves from the nasty drive in, the night began with our traditional Champagne toast.  Brad is the host and did the honors, then both put the champagne flutes down which meant it was “wish time”.  

We kicked things off by laying Cal out in the tub, both Brad and Anthony standing over him and pissing all over him.  He was being showered in muscle pee and was loving every minute of it.  We left him there marinating in the guys piss while they went back to down more water for the next piss dump.  We checked on him from time to time to find him still laying there drenched in piss and a big smile on his face! 

After the second “piss on Cal” session he showered off and changed into his cock sucking clothes; you will hear Anthony at some point ask Cal if the thought he was going to a rodeo in his shirt.  Some of the one-liners delivered that for just a second broke the intensity of this use and abuse scene.  Cal was made to switch from cock to cock, mouth on one and hand on the other, then Switch!  Eventually Brad grabs him and drags him to the sofa where he was face fucked, tagged teamed and made to say thank you and merry christmas with a cock down his throat.  After hurling comments and orders at Cal, both Brad and Anthony hurled 2 very thick full muscle loads at Cal’s face and the back of his throat.

Cal’s wish was fulfilled, so were the egos of my crew and so was our mission to make Christmas Wish 2013.

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Comments: 11

I know what I want for Christmas now!! Beautiful.
Brad and Anthony are both amazing apart, but together they're like animals or something! What a fantastic team you guys make (including the boss too)! I can't wait to see what next christmas brings!
Carlo: Can your vids get any hotter than this? Brad and Anthony giving Christmas "presents" of a hot fan. Of course, Anthony, to me, is the super Alpha, who drives me nuts. And he knows it, and I can't wait for what is yet to come......
This "Christmas Wish 2013" is one that is worthy of a lifetime ownership! Cal ~ like Chez and Pete who are bottoms in previous "Boss Cams" ~ proves that he is among the best submissives to service the muscle gods. He takes on Brad and Anthony with real stamina and respect! You know he means it when he repeatedly says "thank you" while drinking and accepting the multiple showers of piss from these two studs. It is also hot to see the look on Cal's face as he swallows their massive hard pricks and even says Merry Christmas while Brad's near 10inch cock is down his throat! The intense verbal interaction by Brad ~ and most impressive ~ by newcomer and future star (and we hope soon to see muscle boy who drinks more Boss loads and takes Boss cock up the ass) Anthony is one of the great parts of this scene, At the center of this all ~ even though you don't see much of him ~ is the Boss whose voice and instruction to his muscle brother-pupils sets the tone and provides awesome production values. This is why MuscleMatt.com and the Muscle Mafia is the ONLY way to go!
Thank you boss, brad & Anthony for this. It was awesome. I would love to see Anthony top someone. Hell I wanna get topped by Anthony.
The Boss's latest creation, the Tag Team of Brad and Anthony, is a perfect expression of the natural superiority and masculine dominance that defines the Muscle Mafia. The Boss has got his Alpha Men into peak physical conbdition and trained them in the proper use and abuse of a cocksucker. Brad and Anthony start with pissing all over the suckboy while they let him know how low they think he is. Later they bring him back for an increasingly intense back-and-forth suck job until his head is a rag doll being worked for their pleasure. Its a tribute to the Boss that he has developed a fan base that is not only wants the Muscle Mafia treatment, but does a good job of working to please the Bros. One small quibble -- i think cocksuckers should always drop to their before shaking the Bosses hand, and should show respect by kissing His ring and His feet afterwards. I know Carlo is an easy-going guy that likes his COCs to be comfortable, but I would like to see Him shown proper respect. Thank you Boss for your dedication in achieving this awesome example of Jock Privilege.
The Boss' craft and mastery of filming has produced a real holiday feast from two of Carlo's recent additions to the Crew. Brad the veteran alpha (after the Boss) set the perfect jovial tone with nonchalant jock dominance and fag humiliation. Carlo's voice on the soundtrack is the sexy highlight of the session. Following the Boss' example, the Alpha Bros have a great time goofing about what they would do with thiier fag slave. The Bros give the lucky cocksucker and increasingly eacingly demanding pounding as the boy begins to learn his place. The back and forth between the Alphas, disgusted by how low the cocksuckers will go, is exchanging for the praise and respect of the grateful cocksuckers. Antony and Brad tagteam the cockersocker and train him in the proper care for a Jock Cock. My only request is that we might see a bit of the Boss' piss soaking and His sweat
This was pretty amazing. Cal definitely got a great Christmas present this year. Thanks Brad and Anthony for making the video so hot. But thanks Carlo for putting this together. Thanks for giving so much to your fans ;)
I'm by no means religious by after viewing this movie, I can honestly say I have found the LAWD! Long time Muscle Mafia fan here so I can honestly say when a movie is a classic and this one is it! Carlo has truly outdone himself by giving a true fan what he wants and in return has given us what we so desperately crave...muscle, physical dominance, verbal dominance, and how could I forget...piss! Anthony and Brad are a great team and seamlessly work well together. I found myself loving Muscle Matts more dominant scenes...sorry, but no ball soaking in Listerine for me! I don't need to see fucking either. Just give me what was in this scene and its GOLD! Personally, I would love more face slapping, spitting, and heavier verbal. Thanks Carlo for another winner. The chemistry is very strong. The masks make it even more arousing...great idea Carlo! I just wish we received movies like this at a faster clip but I'm just being greedy. Enjoy!
Merry Christmas to me! Loved every minute of it, the guys are beautiful, such powerful cocks, piss streams and very healthy thick cum shots. Anthony is wild and rough, Brad horse hung and powerful but both bodies to die for and the asses on these 2. Every angel and every frame of this film is worth it. The set looked hot, well done and like a celebration. Great shots! Nothing bad to say other than I wish it were another 2 hours 1 of which would have Boss and Anthony, or Boss, Anthony and Brad! That's my wish for next year :)
Carlo, I don't think that those of us who follow your movies and love your work even have the slightest idea the hard work, trouble and time you put into making your films and creating your crew! No one in this industry take the time and effort you do to not only bring us extremely hot muscle worship films but the back story and behind the scenes that prove that what you write and how those movies and encounters come about are genuine!! Bravo to you, I think only Spielberg spends more time and budget but anyone in the adult film business could give a shit which is why your stuff has always stood out as the best on the net. I agree with Cal in this one, you are the best out there and your crew, especially Brad and Anthony in this one looked hot. The work you put into creating Brad and Anthony both as I have followed and still follow both of your stars shows. Outstanding, all of it, everything and each and every one of you! Thank you for what you do, and more so how you, in particular do it! Keep it up. Happy New Year and all the best. A very loyal and appreciative fan!!