#43 Scene 2, Boys and Their Toys: Cj jerks off at the car wash -

Approx Run Time: 15 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 6


Car wax and wash soap isn't the only white liquic getting spilled at the local carwash..This is my buddy Carmine Joseph, aka "Cj", a construction worker from Staten Island New York, who sports both his toys in this scene from DVD #43, Boys and Their Toys. This is a most watched movie, seems you guys like things with cars and trucks which we found out when you made Escalade Escapade Matt's Cummute Home a hit.  In this Cj shows off his 350z and his thick 8 inch cock. He could care less who is watching as long as he is being watched.  Cj pulls into the self wash bay at a car wash by the Beach House.  

Watch every muscle ripple as he rinses the car down with the pressure hose.  When time runs out on the wash, his time with you begins. We were suppose to go back to The Beach House for him to jerk off on the raft in the pool; instead, Cj seized the moment and grabbed the "pressure hose" he was born with.

Cj gets into the car, fires it up, puts on the radio and jerks off a thick muscle load all over his chest and abs right their, in public at the car wash. He loved it and was laughing out load while shooting it.  Afterwards he told me it was one of the hottest things he did and was turned on by the risk of getting caught.  GREAT SCENE!  Cj is a good friend of mine, I like his style and his attitude, I can relate!

My boy knows how to play with his toys and shows you the art of jerking off that gives meaning to the term beat you meat in another scene from #43, Cj Shower and a Rough Stroke!

Cj tells another construction work and a gym friend of his about The Muscle Mafia and our film and convinces Mark, after a bad break up with his girl that it's time he get his confidence back and show off.  Mark shows off both his toys, and jerks off on his motor cycle in Scene 1 of #43, Boys and Their Toys!

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