#5 Matt Classic, Workout, Shower, Cum on the Mirror -

Approx Run Time: 27 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 4


He workouts out, sweats, pumps, showers, shaves his balls and jerks off in front of a mirror getting off on his own body and 8 inch hard-on.  Total cock display we all knew would bring Matt great offers, and propel him to star status and it was an EPIC cum shot!  A Matt Classic for sure and one of Matt’s biggest loads and still one of his most watched cock shows and solo scenes!

By now, this being the 5th film released, blog posters, groups, and message boards were all worked up over this new hot sensation “Muscle Matt” and an underground organization called The Muscle Mafia.  Their biggest question, aside from what does he look like, and where the fuck did these guys come from, was can he really cum like that and if he can, could he keep it up.  

Skeptics were watching, and they did watched  when the cum hit the mirror like mayonnaise in #5. Like gasoline on a campfire, word spread fast and furious in amazement at the perfection of his body, his cock and the volume and thickness of his cum shots.  This confirmed internet gossip that Matt is a power shooter and solidified his place in the big shooters hall of fame!  Now fans and worshippers were begging to be the first to take a load from Matt, either on film or off film; they didn’t care how.


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That was so hot im enjoying these classic scenes