#215 Matt and Brandon, A Mutual Milking -

Approx Run Time: 21 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 45


They Launched! It was my pleasure to bring my boy Brandon with my right hand dude Matt.  Both bodies are stunning, both dicks, stunning.  As you will see, the minute the camera rolled, and I let them do their thing they were all over each other.  Tongues, kissing, feeling, sucking, they launched, I didn’t have to say or do a thing.

Each guy milked out the other producing 2 impressive loads.  I release this Thanksgiving week in gratitude for my guys in front of the camera and all of you watching.

See Brandon's Profile for his complete movie resume.


Worth Mentioning, and definitely worth seeing is #214 Boss and Brandon, Unmistakable Bond

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Comments: 9

this is what i love about you guys, as soon as brandon busted a nut he went down on matt to make sure he got his too. simply hot as fuck
Awesome video as always Fellas. Would love to see Matt and Brandon going further; I know you can and will make it happen boss. All your bodies and sexual energy mixing together in one scene might just might melt the internet though, so I guess i gotta be careful what I wish for! Keep up the great work guys!
Would love to see the Boss, Matt, and Brandon in one mutual muscle worshipping and fucking session!!
This was so HOT ... great job guys !!!
You know what would be hot? Brandon taking it in from both sides from the Boss and Matt. Make Brandon really lose it and breed him from both ends. I know he’ll do it especially for the Boss!! He will love those dicks inside of him. Ram his ass and make him beg for more until he cums hands free. Would love to see that day!!
Another great movie. Matt's stubble covered face. Brandon's bearded face. The close-ups of their kissing. Matt taking Brandon's cock in his mouth all the way to his balls. Two nice thick loads of muscle cum. Any chance of Matt, Big Brad and Brandon shooting a scene together?
It’s hot especially when they kiss. I wish they would eat the cum and then kiss.
Brandon’s movie profile is really building up! From 214 and this movie i can really see that Brandon does not have attraction just to a regular guy, he is attracted to real muscular men like Boss and Matt. In 214 Brandon was having a little “performance issue” but as soon as Boss let his dick out Brandon’s horniness got reignited and gave us the masterpiece 214 is. All the passionate kissing and mutual worship with Matt in this one shows that Brandon’s sexuality might be fluid but it is men like Carlo and Matt he has desires for, not just anyone. I hope there is more Brandon content in the future. Boss (great filming) and Matt (great action) did it again!
Great film boss. These 2 look amazing together, both shot nice loads. Love you and Brandon together, you and Matt, Matt and Brandon. Great combinations. This one is another one of your magic making moments with 2 studs.