#200 Scenes From Quarantine, A Compilation of 9 -

Approx Run Time: 42 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Turning a Not so Good Time, Into a Damn Good Time!…Special Price..I had different things planned for #200, a special event however Covid, Virus, lockdowns and this social distancing changed all that.  So, rather than let that stop us from doing something different or special, I decided to use the quarantine as #200 instead.  With the help of some members, Jonny, myself and others who sent in their own private video (9 scenes, a fuck scene and lots of cum shots etc.) from their quarantine I compiled #200, Scenes from quarantine.

Special: 9 individual Scenes, specially price for those that have followed and supported us during all this and who have been patient as we forge forward with this new reality.  (see blog post Covid and The Crew)

Locked in, Bored and Boned: The things horny guys will do when bored during lockdown.  Was pretty amazing the emails I received and the stories, some with video attached for the YouProduce category.  Some short cum shot clips, some longer. These guys wanted to contribute, be seen and show me and show you how they were getting off while locked in, bored and boned at home.

The purpose was to take a look into what some of our members and/or followers were doing to get off during quarantine and make that our special event #200.  They agreed to submit video for the You Produce category and here it is.

I have my picks on scenes read notes below.
Scene 1:  Jonny Low Hangers:  You know Jonny you saw him in #189 the VIP ONLY release, you will see him in others not yet released.  But he was removed from college, sent home and locked down with his parents and grand parents (UGH).  Jonny and I kept in touch through text and he said he needed to get off.  He was climbing the walls and jerking off was getting old. I gave him some direction via text, the rest was all him.  His balls can take a beating.

Scene 2-7:  (cum quick clips) Compilation of guys around the country that found release in our site and movies and wanted to “release” and show us.  Short clips, quick cum shots stuck at home during quarantine, one guy went on the roof top of his building to crank one out for us.

Scene 8: Boss Scene.. Even me, The Boss, who is just not into jerking off, jerked off during quarantine.  What else can you do when you are distancing from people or at least those people who will actually go on camera.  But I wasn’t exactly alone, this is is an encore of a live solo virtual jerk off done  at the height of the lock downs. I got off on being watched and with a little help from watching some video of films not yet released.  Once was actually of California Chris, always like his solo stuff.  

Boss Favorites to watch:  While all made the cut for this film, some stand out.  

  • Checkout the dude who jerks off up on the roof top of his building.  
  • Also the neighbors in an apartment building / condo who through lock down got to know each other and fucked in the stairway.  
  • And another guy who sent me a few videos but in this one he got so excited he shot himself in the face.
  • Scene 1, Jonny’s scene was a favorite of mine, the kid is a horny dude. ( I directed him)

Others During Quarantine with The Boss!  Quarantine Cock Worship.  Jerking off doesn’t do it for me, so I found a safe place and my covid cock sucker We made some films see the blog post, My Deal with Jake.  And my first meet with Jake #198 Breaking in Jake.

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Comments: 5

we gotta get a follow up vid of the first guy from short clips. please boss!
the dudes fucking in the stairway were so hot, the risk of getting caught is always a turn on
What a genius way to summarise this Covid situation! Scenes from fans and an epic solo from boss at the end! Knowing that Boss doesn’t usually do that makes it even hotter! We have seen crew members pushing limits through this year’s releases and I’m sure fans want to see more limits to be pushed! Looking forward to seeing future releases! 201 is going to be a new start……
The first guy of the short clips is hot, hot, hot. I'd like to see more of him.
Very nice Boss. I love what you did here and how you turned the shut-in into something erotic. Only you can do with such realness. Great scenes, the neighbors fucking in the hallway was one of my favorite scenes. You scene as always was HAWT!! You dick is huge and hard as a baseball bat. I know you are not into stroking, who should you be you deserve total cock service but, it's just as hot to watch you stroke. Thanks for doing this.