#198 Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka -

Approx Run Time: 40 Minutes

The Buddy System

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For Real: This is probably one of the most intense blow jobs I have gotten.  Watch and you will see Jake, a dude who wanted my nut bad, a long time dream who did all the right things, you can’t fake this kind of intense and serious need to please a buddy like he did and still does me.  read on!

198 was yanked from the vault, strategically released now ahead of some films so you have a good introduction to Jake.  That way all future films with him (there are many) will take you on the journey of how we met, from our first meeting (this film) to how and why we began filming again.

Background: Going back a bit, Jake emailed me after coming across the site, we spoke, we met and he did his first film; this is it.  #198 Breaking in Jake.  A Boss Cam film, just he and I getting to know each other and him getting to know my dick.  It’s always a little awkward meeting the first time and adding in the camera made things a bit more awkward for him until my raging hard-on was in his mouth, then it was all natural.  But Jake did great and I met a cool guy who was genuine, trustworthy and from what you will see fell head over heals in love with my dick and even more so the taste of my load.

Releasing this film first was important to the chronology of how things with Jake unfolded and how they got to where they are now.  

Cockworship Tutorial: So, enjoy #198, it’s what kicked things off and began a pretty cool friendship.  This is Jake and my first meet a few years ago.  Total body worship, total cock worship, some dick slapping and numbing my dick with vodka before I unloaded down his throat (cum and Vodka). Very intense dick sucking absolute satisfaction.  This is definitely a manual on how to please your muscle stud, what to say, when to say it and for any muscle out there you too will learn how to guide your cock sucker and teach him what you like.

Present Day! It is was the friendship that was created this night during and after the filming of #198 that inspired him to contact me during a pandemic and offer his total service to me as an exclusive “safe place” to cum and cum again. (see the blog post, Scenes During Quarantine, My Deal with Jake a Safe Place to Cum and Go)

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Comments: 6

I understand, the muscle is the crew. I have found older guys know how to service better with less drama. But there are mixed opinions, some like yourself, are here to see guys in better shape then themselves. You at 71 don't want to see yourself on camera, I get that. But some, like to see that a guy who is "less in shape" can also have a chance to suck a perfect body off. I am definitely not talking totally out of shape, but for me it boils down to a few factors, when it comes to total cock service aside from body, looks, mannerisms, and of course health status, can they truly give total cock service and admiration. I prefer a little less in shape, a little bit older who can edge me out, service a while and want more, respect and appreciate my body than some obnoxious young asshole who will bitch I am taking too long to cum, or is some fragile snowflake who will become attached to me and start acting like a scorned girlfriend been there with many of these guys who start to develop feelings and not know their role or why my dick is in their mouth in the first place.
I hear ya about how young partners can be annoying/disappointing. Still, for this site, not sure I'd want you guys to go too far up into the "older." Myself I love DILFs, but here, it's about the magnificence of virile studs--the full flower of manhood. Saggy asses and flappy upper arms, no. I'm 71, wouldn't want to watch MY body, no matter how well meant. Bring on the Olympians. If one day you run across some WAY BUILT guy in his 50s, still radiating the power, that'd be hot "lucky bastard" material. We'd ALL be into it. But we all come here for toned muscles: give us that.
I enjoyed this movie, the cock worship in it was inspiring, your body looks awesome so does that hard big dick. Perfection wish I swallowed your milk.
Great scene! Boss your body looks amazing. I definitely enjoy the Boss Cams!
Hey NNJ Thanks! But, why 20 years younger. I personally prefer an older guy who knows how to suck, please can be trusted. Any very young guy (girl for that matter) I have encountered have annoyed me in 2 minutes with stupidity and lack of passion. In particular younger guys as you will see in future films with me, are good to just abuse, slap around they garner no respect from me. NOT ALL... just saying, as a rule in my experience younger guys have nothing else to offer other than a mouth and an ass (on rare occasions). In fact 1 or 2 you will see(future releases) I told not to even speak or I loose my boner.
Great dominance scene. Man, I wish I were 20 years younger.